Brand Focus: Vewib

Brand Focus: Vewib

Part of JK's Marketing Team
Published 21 November 2022
Dan Harris

We’re shining our spotlight on Vewib this week, one of the fantastic brands that create some of the best OEM-quality and reproduction Volkswagen parts in the world. Vewib is truly a brand that stands for keeping air-cooled vehicles alive!

If you’ve never heard of Vewib, or don’t know the extent of their range, this is the time to find out a little more information on a fantastic, original company.

Who are Vewib?
Vewib is one of the companies that could be responsible for enabling you to keep your air-cooled Volkswagen protected from the elements and still on the road! From seals to small, essential parts you thought you might never need, Vewib has them, and we stock them!

A part of Gutsche GmbH VW-Entfallteiledienst (usually just called Gutsche), Vewib was founded in 1996 by Norbert Gutsche and Florian Kalff. As a small niche company, focusing on delivering customers the best quality parts possible for classic Volkswagens, they had to prove that their parts were the best available, and they certainly did that.

In the early years, Vewib provided Volkswagen dealers with parts that just weren’t available on the VW spare parts programme. They’re now a massive parts supplier for companies around the world, including us at Just Kampers, and provide us with the best quality parts which we love to shout about!

Vewib is renowned for its high-quality parts for classic Volkswagens which keep our vehicles at the top of their game. The parts are arguably of a higher standard than the original, due to the advancement in technology over the years and Vewib implementing that into their production.

What does Vewib create?
For the main part, Vewib is one of the best suppliers of rubber seals for classic Volkswagen vehicles, but they have other parts too, from headlamp reflectors through to speedo cables for your Beetle.

At Just Kampers, we stock a big range of their fantastic seals which cover almost every window on any classic Volkswagen, from a T2 Split front windscreen seal, to a rear tailgate window seal for a T25.

If your window is leaky or the seal is damaged, Vewib will likely be your best option to get a replacement seal to fix this pesky problem!

Today, Vewib stands for providing the best parts quality worldwide with great, reliable availability. They want to make the process of buying hard-to-get items, simple and easy. Their clientele includes Porsche and Volkswagen, so you can be sure their parts are of the finest quality, good enough for the original manufacturer themselves!

Click here to see Vewib’s full range of excellent quality products.

Want to see more about Vewib? 
Take a look at this video of Vewib's own Florian Kalff showing us around his gorgeous 1951 VW T2 Splitscreen Samba:

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