A man stepping out of the sea and onto a snowy beach. Image credit to Crispin Jones, via Unsplash

Boxing Day Sea Swims around the UK

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Published 1 January 2022
Heidi Padoin
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Boxing Day Sea Swims around the UK

All over the UK, Boxing Day and Christmas Day have often been host to swimming events in coastal areas!

This 2022, there is a Christmas Day harbour swim taking place in Weymouth and it is worth taking the plunge to shake things up a bit!

It's said to be a invigorating experience. The water will obviously very cold and you won't be in there for long, but imagine the sense of pride afterwards!

The Weymouth edition asks that you cover the 70 metre distance across the shoreline in order to complete the event.

The sea will be closely monitored by the RNLI so that help is at hand if anyone needs it. In aid of safety, tickets are purchased to control the quantity swimming in the waters at any one time.

Date: 26 December 2022
Location: Across the UK
Tickets: Access to the events is generally free, but many people use the opportunity to raise money for charity

More information: Check the websites for local beaches, and nearby swimming, running or cycling clubs to see if there's a Boxing Day swim near you!

Image credit to Nick Fewings, via Unsplash
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