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August Bank Holiday Events Around the Country

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Published 1 January 2022
Josh Reynolds

The Bank Holiday at the end of August is possibly the one we all look forward to the most - the weather is usually great, and there’s always loads of stuff to do!

There’s sure to be some cool and exciting stuff going on in your area, and towns, villages and communities around the country have all sorts of amazing traditional events they hold each year. And from a weather standpoint, its a great time to go camping! (Just remember the sun cream!)

August Bank Holiday weekend is from the 27th till 29th August 2022. Many events will be free however some may charge.

Date: 27 to 29 August 2022
Location: Across the UK
Tickets: Many events will be free, but some may charge

More information: Take a look around your local area for cool stuff to get out and do!

Image credit to Arthur Poulin, via Unsplash
Image credit to Manuel Meurisse, via Unsplash
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