An American Trail...

An American Trail...

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An American Trail...

Kevin's pictures highlight the stunning and diverse area's he travelled through on his journey. There are many images here that prompt us to start planning trips and adventures away...

Camper and El Cap'

Any climbers will recognise the iconic El Cap' in the background!

Camper by the Redwood trees

Hello from the Redwoods!

Kevin travelled in a 1990 T25 2.1 Petrol Westfalia, entirely standard apart from AMC cylinder heads and 15” BRM wheels.

Camper in Monterey

The Camper in Monterey.

Their route took them through Colorado, across Utah and Nevada, to the East entrance to Yosemite National Park (Altitude 9,943ft)

Camper in Yosemite

Camper overlooking Yosemite.

From Yosemite they then travelled to Carmel, California, then North to Monterey, San Francisco, up Pacific Coast Highway 1 to Newport, Oregon, returning through Boise Idaho, Salt Lake City and Vail Pass Colorado (10,660ft)

Camper in Yosemite

Camper In Yosemite

Camping with the trucks

Camping with the trucks!

For anyone else this might have lead to a bit pf a complex! The only complaint they had though was the fact that the trucks refrigeration units ran all night and were so noisy they pulled away from their overnight at 4am - in search of a quieter rest stop!

This is only a small selection of Kevin's brilliant photo's - to see the full album please head to the Just Kampers Facebook page.

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Happy trails!

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