A Lifetime of VW Memories…

A Lifetime of VW Memories…

Written by the JK Team
Published 18 March 2021
Just Kampers
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A Lifetime of VW Memories…

As we look forward to a brighter future; we are also hit by a wave of melancholy for days gone by. For anyone who has owned VW’s for any length of time can attest, you become a part of their history just as they do ours.

At JK there are many staff who have for years owned and loved their VW’s. For some of the JK team their earliest holiday memories revolve around a much-loved camper, for some that family camper has been retained as they have grown and had children of their own. Others bought them as much younger versions of themselves and some 20+ years later they are still taking the journey together.

The scenery has changed but the relationship endures! In view of that we’d love to hear about your VW history. Do you have happy memories of childhood camping trips, have you brought an old timer back to life with a resto. Or like a slightly cantankerous, but defiantly charming, character have they always been a part of the family; while you have enjoyed the journey through life together. Whatever your story we’d love to hear it and help to keep those memories alive…

Email [email protected] with your stories and some pictures if you have them. We’d love to hear from you!

VW Memories

Staffer Mark Hassard-Short shared this picture taken in 1974 of their family camping trip; shortly after his dad bought their bay.

2 years ago