A Life Less Ordinary : A Vanlife Adventure

A Life Less Ordinary : A Vanlife Adventure

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Published 18 March 2021
Carolyn Kirvan-Cranfield

A Life Less Ordinary: A Vanlife Adventure

Ever thought of selling everything and heading off on a vanlife adventure. Hitting the road for a life less ordinary takes some courage. And whilst others only dream of it – ChefCampers are living it…

Our good Chef Camper friend Michael, his wife Steph and Rupert (the dog) have come a long way on their vanlife journey. Selling everything they owned and set off in their T25 Syncro. They travelled far and wide in their home on wheels and enjoyed some amazing adventures. On coming home and spending lockdown life working with their good mates at Camper Van Culture they are now rocking a new rig, in the form of a VW Amarok with a pod. They are headed back to Morzine for the winter season to pick up where they left off before the adventure begins again.

We shared this video on the big screen at our JK Open Day and Camping Weekender; at which Michael (and fellow Chef Camper partner in crime Kieran) are integral parts. If you’re looking for to feel inspired by some beautiful scenery and an amazing adventure, look no further…

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