Old core, you know the score

We stock a massive range of refurbished and rebuilt parts, from alternators to Solex carbs, but we need 'core' to keep doing this. That's why we're keen to buy back old, but salvageable, units from you so we can continue to stock reconditioned parts and accessories to keep your classic VWs on the road. 

What is 'old core'?

Core is the essential main component of mechanical parts like engines, dynamos, starter motors, and other parts. We're looking for core which can be lovingly restored and refurbished to its former glory to then take pride of place running someone's beloved VW. 

What Just Kampers wants, and what we're offering:

We've got a list of the core we need, with our own Just Kampers part number, and the original OEM part number from VW, as well as the price we'll buy back reusable old core units for. 

This list will be updated constantly, as we pay out for existing core and find that we need more of other types. 

We can only organise rebuilds on core units from original equipment manufacturers like Volkswagen and Bosch, and so will not accept aftermarket units. The core also needs to be complete, with no missing parts, and no damage to the body or other issues like broken lugs, or cross-threaded studs. 

We'll arrange collection of your old core units, if they're suitable for rebuilding, but because of the time and money involved we can't arrange this for single units, and would need to be collecting multiple units from you. 

JK Part Number Name OEM Number JK Buyback Price
 J10155  Dynamo 38 amp VW T2 Bay 1600cc 1967–1973 CG19  211903031DX  £20
 J10157  Hella Alternator (55 amp) VW Beetle 1974 Onwards, VW T2 Bay 1974–1979 1600cc  043903023CX £27.50
 J10159  Starter Motor (12v)  Beetle 1967–1998  T2 Bay 1967–1975 CS62CF   311911023DX £20
 J10160  Hella Starter Motor (12v)  VW T2 Bay 1975–1979  091911023X £20
 J10202  Automatic Starter Motor  T2 Bay 1967–1979  T25 1979–1982    003911023BX £20
 J10214  Alternator (65amp) VW T25 Diesel 1986–1992 CA319CF  068903017MX £20
 J10215  Alternator (90amp) VW T25 Diesel 1981–1992  068903017PX £20
 J10217  Alternator (45amp) VW T25 1600, 2000cc Aircooled 1979–1983 CA205CF  070903023CX £20
 J10521  Alternator (55amp) VW T2 Bay 1700,1800, 2000cc 1971–1979  021903023FX £20
 J10542  Starter Motor VW T25 Diesel 1984–1992  068911023MX £20
 J10805  45amp Alternator VW T25 1900cc Watercooled 1983–1985  060903017AX £20
 J10806  65amp Alternator VW T25 1983–1985  060903017X £20
 J10807  65amp Alternator for T25 Models petrol 1985–1992 CA298CF  026903017AX £20
 J10808  Alternator (65Amp) VW T25 Diesel 1979-1985 CA139CF  036903017X £20
 J11674  Hella Starter Motor VW T25 1983–1992 1900cc–2100cc  025911023AX £20
 J12045  Starter Motor VW T4 1.9, 2.4, 2.5 Diesel And Petrol 1992–2003  02B911023L £20
 J12851  90amp Alternator VW T25 1900, 2100cc Watercooled 1984–1992 VW T4 1800, 2000cc Petrol 1990–1995  025903023E £20
 J12884  Starter Motor  T4 2400cc Diesel 1990–1994  02B911023A £20
 J12885  Starter Motor VW T4 1800, 2000cc Petrol 1990–1992  02B911023F £20
 J12886  Starter Motor VW T4 1900, 2500cc Diesel 1990–1995  02B911023C £20
 J12888  Alternator 90amp  T4 2500cc Diesel 1995–1998  028903027N £20
 J14436  Starter Motor 6 Volt VW Beetle 1946–1964 VW T2 Split 1950-1964  113911021B £20
 J42288  Starter Motor 6 Volt  VW Beetle 1964–1966  VW T2 Split 1964–1966  113911021B £20