Propex Heatsource HS2000 12V Gas Heater (Dial Thermostat)

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Quality Propex product. The HS2000 12 volt LPG Gas Heating System is the perfect product for reliably heating the interior of your campervan, perfect for keeping you and your companions warm throughout the colder months.

Whether you're parked or on the move, the HS2000 heating system will have your back. It's flexible to suit your needs, working independently from your engine. Designed specifically for touring vehicles, rest assured you’ve invested your money in a quality heating system for your camper.

Please Note: We’re unable to send Propex heaters outside the UK. If you’re based outside the UK you won’t be able to purchase a Propex heater from Just Kampers.

At a glance:

  • Requires 12 V power source, to keep your heating system in fluent operation,
  • Will burn LPG, propane or Butane gas, to provide your interior with the warmth it requires,
  • Comes complete with a solid state electronic thermostat, which makes temperature control super easy,
  • Requires minimal battery power on ignition, so you can be sure it won't drain your battery,
  • Unit measures approximately 31.5 x 16.5 x 9.5 cm, excluding outlets.

The Propex Heatsource HS2000 heater is suitable for use in VW campers, fitted with 12 volt electrics, so long as they have enough space for installation. The Propex Heatsource is suitable for a range of vehicles, examples include the Fiat Doblo and the Vauxhall Movano. If you're unsure whether the HS2000 is suitable for your vehicle, we recommend you get the opinion of a licensed professional.

Perfect for use in a variety of applications, including caravans, motorhomes and even marine vehicles!

Why purchase the Propex HS2000?

Propex have developed a heating system with a variety of benefits. The unit fills your interior with the comfort of warm air, all the while making minimal noise. Thanks to specially designed fan bearings, the unit works so quietly that your passengers can sleep without disturbance. Another reason to buy yourself a Propex HS2000, is it's superb climate control quality. Not only will it circulate warm air throughout your vehicle, this circulation will also prevent a build up of moisture leading to window condensation.

This surprisingly compact unit is perfect for installation in VW vans and buses! When fitted in these vehicles, it's common to mount the HS2000 within a designated box or cupboard. Air is propelled across the floor and throughout the space, using the flexible stainless ducting provided.

Safety Information:

Please be aware that these heaters are rated for use with 30 mb butane and 30/37 mb propane.

This is widely accepted across Europe, though some European countries also use 50 mb gas pressure, so please bear this in mind. The Propex HS2000 is sadly not suitable for use in the USA. We’re also unable to sell to customers outside the UK.

Please note, installation and gas services must comply with gas safety regulations, relevant to the country they're in.

Gas Consumption:

The Propex HS2000 has an average gas consumption of 142 grams/hour, although this is an estimate based on research by the supplier. They’ve also provided the following estimates, so you can calculate how much usage you’ll be able to get from different gas bottles.

3.9kg propane cylinder: 27.5 hours

4.5kg butane: 31.7 hours

13kg propane: 91.5 hours

15kg butane: 105.6 hours

19kg butane: 133.8 hours

47kg butane: 331.0 hours

904 Camping gaz (1.81kg): 12.75 hours

907 Camping gaz (2.72kg): 19.0 hours