Häfele 12-volt LED Down Lighter

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Quality Häfele product. This 12-volt LED downlighter can completely change the way you use the living space in your camper. No more scrabbling around in the dark trying to find stuff, or using your phone as a torch in the middle of the night. Just fit yourself an LED downlighter and you can shed some light on the matter quickly and conveniently. The light unit itself measures 69 mm in diameter, and uses 24 super-efficient LED bulbs to cast light into your camper, motorhome or RV.

It’s finished in stainless steel, with a satin finish, and the glass cover has a frosted effect, which looks great and makes the light less harsh when it’s switched on. Once it’s installed, it will give you a 6000k output, which is referred to as day white in colour. This is a cold, white light ideal for use in places like campervan kitchens or living areas where you want to sit up and read, watch a movie, or relax without being in total darkness.

The downlight is supplied with a 1.5 meter long power lead, as well as a plug connector. It will run on 12v power, with a draw of 2 Watts, which you’ll need to factor into your vehicle’s power draw. You can install it into any vehicle, and have the option of fitting it flush with the roof or another surface, or having it stand proud. If you have the space to install it into the roof, you’ll need to drill a hole which is 56 mm in diameter to fit the downlighter into. If you opt for a simpler surface mounting, the light unit will protrude approximately 24.5 mm from the surface.

As with all electrical products, we always recommend that you take your vehicle to a professional for installation if you’re at all unsure of what you’re doing.