Vango Magra Awning Footprint

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The Vango Magra awning footprint is a protective sheet which helps to prevent the awning base from obtaining damage and getting covered in dirt and grime. An awning footprint will protect your awning from damage caused by sharp objects like stones and will provide an additional barrier against the cold ground. 

The Vango Magra Awning Footprint is an important product to have if you have already got a Vango Magra awning. You’ll want to protect your high-quality awning with a proper fitting footprint; it’s important to buy the correct corresponding parts for your awning to provide protection across the entire awning floor. It’s no good protecting one side while the other side gets cold and damp through the night as the dewy air draws in. 

The footprint is constructed from 100% hard wearing and durable PE; high quality and easily cleaned. Not only does the footprint protect your groundsheet but also acts as a guide for where you’ll construct your awning before it’s built. The footprint comes complete with its own carry bag for easy transportation and convenient packing away. 

Suitable for Vango Magra VW awnings. 


Weight: 1.65 kg,

Width: 307 cm, 

Length: 185,

Colour: black.