Front Side Tinted Sliding and Fixed Window Set VW Caddy from 2004—2020 (SWB/LWB Maxi)

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1 × Front Side Sliding Window Glass Dark Tinted Offside (Right) VW Caddy from 2004 Onwards SWB, LWB & Maxi
1 × Front Side Fixed Window Glass (Dark Tinted) Nearside (Left) VW Caddy from 2004 SWB & LWB Maxi
2 × Windscreen Bonding Felt Swab Applicator
2 × Bonded Glass Adhesive 310ml (1 hr Drive Away)
2 × Bonding Black Body Primer 30ml
2 × Glass Surface Cleaner Sachet Wipe

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Front Side Sliding Window Glass Dark Tinted Offside  Right  VW Caddy from 2004 SWB   LWB Maxi
Front Side Fixed Window Glass  Dark Tinted  Nearside  Left   VW Caddy from 2004 SWB   LWB Maxi
Windscreen Bonding Felt Swab Applicator
Bonded Glass Adhesive 310ml
Bonding Black Body Primer 30ml
Glass Surface Cleaner Sachet Wipe

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Front Side Sliding and Fixed Window Set Dark Tinted VW Caddy from 2004 SWB   LWB Maxi
Front Side Tinted Sliding and Fixed Window Set VW Caddy from 2004—2020 (SWB/LWB Maxi)

In stock

£2.26 £2.50

Bundle Contents
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    These high-quality tinted windows are a great vehicle accessory! The kit includes everything required to install a pair of tinted side windows to your VW Caddy 2004—2020 (SWB/LWB Maxi). A tinted window kit is an effective way of rejuvenating your vehicles look. A Caddy isn’t just for work, don’t deprive your vehicle of its potential. With the right equipment, you could use your caddy as a camping van and all sorts. With the addition of a sliding window, you have the benefit of fresh air!

    The kit includes the following:

    • Tinted fixed (non-moving) window for nearside (left),

    • Tinted sliding window for offside (right),

    • Two pots of primer and glass cleaning wipes to prep the window before fitting,

    • Two swabs for application,

    • And two tubes of adhesive to bond the windows to the panel.

    This product is made to fit within the side panel. A hole is cut for the glass to cover, and a border is left for the glass to bond to.

    Both windows measure approximately:

    545 mm x 710 mm.


    • E marked – Tempered and tested for safety,

    • Window Tint – 33% light transparency,

    • Bundle Kit – We’ve put together this kit to save you money, • Both windows slide open – Allows for better ventilation in your van,

    • Includes everything you need to fit the windows – Ready to crack on when you are.

    All about the glass:

    One of these windows within the set features a sliding aperture. We encourage the old-fashioned ways of doing things! Slide the window to let in the air! Our glass fits on the body within the panel shape. We recommend these are fitted by professionals, but we do provide all the parts required to make this an easy process for people who know what they’re doing. If you’re not confident in what you’re doing, it’s important you take it to someone who will help.

    These windows are high-quality and that makes them ideal if you require them to replace your current windows. These aren’t compatible with a factory fitted van, these only work on conversion vehicles. These windows have a 33% light transparency, which unfortunately means these are not suitable for vehicles used as taxis. We do have other glass available for these vehicles.

    This ranges across various combinations of sliding and fixed, if you’d like further information on what would be most recommended for your van then please give our sales team a call and someone will be happy to advise you.

    Fitting Windows:

    You can install windows by yourself if you have the tools and experience to do so, but we do advise that windows are installed by trained, experienced professionals. This avoids errors being made, which could potentially cost money to fix. If you’re unsure how to fit a window, it’s always best to get it done by a pro who can finish it quickly and safely. Watch our fitting guide video for information on DIY installation of window glass.

    Money-saving bundle kit:

    We’ve compiled the elements within this kit into one money saving bundle to sae you time and money. We can’t supply the tea or the good weather, but we can make sure that you have everything you need to get the job done, by buying this kit. We’ve all been halfway through a project and had to put a halt to it because we’ve realised, we’re missing something and can’t do anymore before it arrives. – This isn’t a problem we’d like you to have so you can avoid this by purchasing a kit!

    You may find it useful to know:

    We do recommend that you have your glass installed by a professional fitter or conversion company. Please be aware that, due to the size, weight and fragile nature of this glass, we can only deliver it to Mainland UK addresses.