Footprint for Outwell Woodcrest Awning

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Quality Outwell product. Add an extra layer of insulation and protection to your Outwell Woodcrest by rolling out a footprint before you set up your awning on it. Designed to fit underneath Outwell’s Woodcrest awning, it’s the exact size and shape to match the groundsheet on your awning.

At a glance:

• Great for stopping the cold from seeping up from the ground overnight,

• Protects your awning’s groundsheet from damage,

• Fully waterproof, with a Hydrostatic Head of 10,000 mm, • Light weight and easy to roll up and stow away in your camper, garage or shed,

• Supplied with a carry bag and tent pegs, so it’s easy to transport and use.

Made with double coated Polyethylene, so it will last for years, laying out a footprint under your awning helps you make sure you’ve got your awning pitched in the right place, as it’s easier to measure between the edge of the footprint than the edge of your awning once it’s set up. It’ll also add an extra layer of insulation for your awning, stopping water and cold seeping up from the ground during the night and ruining your sleep and your camping trip!

Size and weight:

• Length: 340 cm,

• Width at the front: 210 cm,

• Width at the centre: 310 cm,

• Width at the rear: 240 cm,

• Total weight: 3 kg.

What does Hydrostatic Head mean? A fabric’s Hydrostatic Head (HH) is a measure of how much water it can resist before it starts to allow water through. The type of fabric used, and what it has been treated with, will both affect it’s HH value. It’s usually written in millimetres. For example, this footprint is waterproofed to 10,000 mm, which means that the material could withstand having a column of water 10,000mm (or 1000 cm, or ten meters) high pressing down on it, before it would start to let in water. An extremely unlikely scenario, but it’s nice to know!