How To Fit JK's Sliding Door Storage Pods

How To Fit JK's Sliding Door Storage Pods

JK's Marketing & PR Director
Published 5 February 2024
Josh Reynolds

We’ve made sure that it’s really easy to fit these storage panels to your vehicle, and designed them so that all of the holes in the storage pods line up with the holes which are already in your sliding door.

Each door pod is supplied with a full set of fir-tree clips, which means that you just need to remove the original door cover from your sliding door, line up your new JK sliding door storage pod, and then push the fir-tree clips in place.

Watch: How to Fit JK's Sliding Door Storage Pods

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to install your new JK Sliding Door Storage Pod:

There's really only four steps to the process, and you might be able to skip one of them entirely, so it won't take you long at all. 

The only tools you'll need are a 3mm allen key, and a door card removal tool

Before you start:

Decide whether you want to fit carpet onto your sliding door storage pod. This is pretty easy to do, but needs to be done before you install it.

Carpeting absolutely isn’t necessary, but it can make your new sliding door pod look extra cool and match the interior of your camper.

Click here to watch our video guide on fitting carpet to your JK Sliding Door Storage Pod.

Step one:

We’ll start by removing the original panel from your sliding door.

To do this, we’ll need to remove all of the fastening clips, which you can do by either inserting a 3mm allen key into the hole in the centre of each clip and winding that centre area out, or getting a trim removal tool and popping that centre out with a bit of force.

Once this central section has popped out, you’ll be able to pull the whole clip out nice and easily. Repeat this process 16 more times, and you’ll have all of the clips out! Set your original door card aside, as you won’t need it any more.

Note: We recommend removing the clips from the bottom edge first, so that the upper ones are keeping it in place and you don’t find the whole door card moving about later on.

Step two:

This is an optional step, if you’ve got a lot of insulation behind the panel you just removed. In order to fit your JK Sliding Door Storage pod, you’ll need to take some of this insulation out, so that there’s space inside the door for the storage pockets to fit into.

You’ll be able to do this really easily, and you can always test-fit the door storage pod at intervals to see whether you’ve removed enough insulation.

Step three:

Offer up your sliding door storage pod, and line up the mounting holes in the pod to the holes in your sliding door. With this done, you’re ready to start pushing in the fir-tree fitting clips which are supplied with the storage pod.

Start with the upper corners first, then the top row of clips, and then work your way down.

Step four:

You’re done! Tidy up any loose bits of insulation you may have left inside your van, collect up all of the original trim clips which you removed in step one, and start packing useful items into your new JK sliding door storage pod.

We hope you’ve found this guide helpful, and you enjoy using your new storage pod. It probably won’t revolutionise your life, but it’s always great to have more storage in your camper!

5 months ago