Eazy 240v Plug & Play Electric Hook Up Conversion Kit - Black Inlet

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This simple ‘plug and play’ kit includes everything you need to allow your camper, caravan or motorhome to take advantage of the 240 volt mains hook up on a campsite, or on your driveway!

Having access to 240v power in your campervan lets you use a far wider range of camping equipment, more easily charge your phone or laptop, and take along essentials like hair dryers and games consoles!

At a glance:

• Includes everything you need to make the most of 240v power in your camper,

• Quick and easy to install, with simple instructions and guidance included,

• Allows you to take the strain off your leisure battery, so it won’t run flat or be damaged,

• Having a 240v system in your camper means you can power it up from your home’s power circuit,

• Supplied with everything you’ll need, right down to the screws!

Will this fit Eazy 240 Volt kit work on my vehicle?

The short answer is yes! It’s been designed to work with any vehicle, and is really easy to install, if you’ve got the confidence, tools and experience to do the job at home.

There’ll be no issues with fitting this to classic VW campervans like the T2 Splitscreen and Bay, or to modern campers like the VW T5, Ford Transit or Fiat Ducato.

How to install the Eazy 240 kit The installation process is really straight forward, and can absolutely be done yourself at home if you have the right tools, and the knowhow to make sure it’s done accurately and safely. However, since fitting the 240v conversion kit involves cutting a hole in the side of your vehicle, and setting up electrical cables, we will always advise that you take your vehicle to a trained professional to do the installation, if you’re at all unsure of what you’re doing.

The first step is to identify where you want the charging point to be located on the outside of your vehicle, and the two sets of power outlets to be located inside the vehicle. Once you know this, you can use the template and the correct tools to cut a hole in the side of your vehicle, and affix the external half of the kit into this aperture.

We strongly recommend that you seal the kit in place using a bonding agent, to prevent water entering the junction box or the inside of the vehicle. With this in place and set, you can hook up the fuse box to the inside of your vehicle, and follow the instructions to ensure that the fuse box is properly connected to the external mounting point you fixed in place earlier.

From here, you can then place the two sets of power outlets wherever you want them inside your vehicle, and connect them to the fuse box, which will regulate the power the outlets receive. Comprehensive instructions are included, as well as all the cables and screws you’ll need, so it’s as simple as it can be!

Kit contents:

• The mains inlet, with a folding cover to protect the inner workings,

• A fuse box, with excellent protection against surges and other potential issues,

• Two stainless steel power outlets, each with a pair of plug sockets and on/off switches,

• Screws to fit the plug sockets, and P clips to secure the cable routings,

• A cutting diagram for placing the aperture in the side of your vehicle.

The mains inlet unit comes with a 2.5 metre cable, and the two power outlets have 2 metre cables, all of which are pre-wired and ready to work as soon as they’re fitted.