VW Whitenoise

When: 20 Aug 2020 to 23 Aug 2020
Where: Norfolk Showground, Norfolk, NR5 0TT

The Whitenoise Festival is a friendly, family run event that’s all about people’s passion for those German motors that are adorned with the VW sign. Taking place in East Anglia, it is held at the Norfolk and Norwich showground.

One of the big draws to the Whitenoise festival is the final day’s show and shine, which attracts hundreds of competitors to the event eager to show off their rare and much-loved VW vehicles. This complements the live music and other entertainment on the site, forming the hub of what’s the weekend is all about. Doubtless to say if you’ve got a VW camper van then you’ll be more than at home with the crowd and vibe here.

This is a truly independent festival that tries not to work to a formula, bringing together a diverse and exciting selection of acts, attractions and activities. There is absolutely tons of stuff for children to do here and you can even bring your bicycle and dog onto the site – it really is that chilled out. If you want an event that will keep all ages transfixed from beginning to end that’s a little different from the music and madness style festivals, then this is one place you should definitely check.

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