When: 24 Apr 2020 to 26 Apr 2020
Where: Victoria Farm LE17 5AU

Techenders is a meeting of (mostly) Bay owners to camp and fix/learn about their bus. It's a chance to ask all those questions or compare your engine and oily bits to someone else's. With assistance or backup from people who've probably done the same job you're attempting.

It's whatever you make of it, in the past we've removed and replaced engines or just helped people change a bulb, all we ask is you explain fully what you expect to do and do it early, no use saying "can I take my engine out" on saturday night..... 
Be aware we won't do your work for you, we expect you to get dirty - or be willing and we can point you in the right direction.

Techenders isn't a vw show, it's just people meeting at a campsite owned by a vw owner who lets us use his facilities, there are no stalls or tat it's just camping, there is usually a run to the local takeaway for a feed and the local shops are 10 minutes away with a Morrisons etc.

The site has a bar and a heated barn which we have the use of if there's bad weather etc. The site owner is a vw nut and has a 4 post lift which he usually lets us have use of, if pre-warned.

Usually £10pp a night to camp with no hook up or £12 with - we do not take any money, this charge is from the site. Electric is limited in the lower field although there is plenty in the top field if needed. 
Who can come?
Please don't turn up unannounced. Join in with our community first and tell us you plan on coming on the forums below:


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