Bad Camberg 2024

Bad Camberg 2024

Written by the JK Team
Published 7 December 2023
Just Kampers

Date: 21 June to 23rd  June 2024

Camping Availability:  No

Location: Jahnstrasse, 65520 Bad Camberg, Germany

Registration : 

Registration of vehicles will not open until the new year. The exact date will be published on the Badcamberg website.

Approved Vehicles :

The following original vehicles are permitted - also with contemporary tuning and / or conversion - that would receive German TÜV and German H license plate approval:

From the organiser Markus Lotterman: 

Five years off was a long time and a lot has changed. In 1979 it was my father Heinz Willi who organized the first meeting and thus brought it into being. For 20 years, the meeting gained a worldwide reputation under his direction.

After his death and in the phase of selling the car dealership, my uncle Michael and his wife Biggi stepped into the breach in 2003 and took over organizing the meeting with my support.

They also managed to keep the meeting at a high level by improving other details. After 16 years, they and their family decided not to continue running the business.

And so from 2024 I will be taking over the meeting all by myself. A big challenge, it's a matter of building a new team and organizing a lot of things after work.

My motivation is the great passion for old VWs, to bring our great city and its beautiful surroundings closer to the world and to bring people of different origins together, because we all have the same “religion”: Old Volkswagens!

With that in mind, have a good trip and see you in June 2024

Markus Lottermann

4 months ago