Quick and Easy Campervan Curtains from Just Kampers

Make your camper even more of a home away from home with a set of blackout curtains from Just Kampers.

We’ve got a huge range of different curtains on the shelves here at JK HQ ready to help you keep the warmth inside your campervan and block out the early morning sunlight. 

Each set of our curtains is created to perfectly fit the windows of your camper, whether you’ve got a classic VW T2 Bay, a brand-new VW T6.1 or a non-VW camper like a Crafter, Sprinter, or Trafic. 

Because they’re made to the correct dimensions of the windows in your camper, and they’re supplied with the curtain rails and fittings, you’ll be able to install your new JK blackout campervan curtains in no time at all. 

 Browse Just Kampers’ full range of blackout campervan curtains


VW T2 Splitscreen Camper Curtains 

Take a look at the options for fitting new curtains to your classic VW T2 Split Screen campervan, and enjoy warmth and comfort on your next camping adventure. 

VW T2 Bay Camper Curtains

Looking to make your VW camper cosier and darker at night with a set of blackout campervan curtains from Just Kampers. 

VW T25 Camper Curtains

Keep the inside of your VW T25 warm, cosy and dark with a set of campervan curtains from Just Kampers – quick and easy to install. 

VW T4 Camper Curtains

Check out our range of curtains for your VW T4, available now at Just Kampers. Transform your campervan’s living area into a warm and cosy home away from home.