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HJS are a medium-sized company based in Menden in central Germany; HJS have many years of experience and expertise in the field of exhaust-gas after treatment. Some 450 employees are employed in the development, production and marketing of modular systems for reducing pollutant emissions. Their innovative environmental protection technologies can be used either as original equipment or for retrofitting in passenger cars, commercial vehicles and a wide range of non-road applications. In addition to systems for spark-ignition engines, HJS specialises in systems for diesel engines - especially for reducing the emissions of soot particles (PM) and nitrogen oxides.

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  1. 50mm Airhose Clamp VW Beetle 1961 on VW T2 Split 1961 1967 VW T2 Bay 1600cc 1967 1979 On Backorder - UK Only

    50mm Airhose Clamp for VW T2 Bay Window (1967 to 1979) 1600cc

    JK No. J10665 OEM No. 111-501-159/B

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