Curtains for Rear Side Window Offside (Right) Ford Transit Custom from 2013 Onwards (LWB)

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Treat yourself to a set of blackout curtains for the rear side window on your Ford Transit Custom, and enjoy extra privacy and insulation in your van. Whether you’ve converted your Transit Custom into a campervan, or you just want to make sure people can’t see any equipment you’re carrying in the back of your van, this bespoke curtain set is ideal. Specifically designed to the dimensions of your rear side window, they’re easy to fit and look fantastic.

At a glance:

• Made from high-quality knitted jersey, so they’re light, soft and hard-wearing,

• A double layer of fabric helps insulate your van, keeping heat inside,

• Black on the outer side, facing the window glass, to absorb and block sunlight,

• Grey on the inner side, facing into the van, so they’ll match any interior,

• The curtain tracks are pre-bent, so you don’t have to alter or adjust them,

• Supplied with all the screws and curtain fittings you’ll need. Fits the rear side window on the offside (right) of the long wheelbase Ford Transit Custom built from 2013 onwards.

If you want to get a matching pair of curtains, we also have the curtains for the nearside (left) rear side window: J43187.

The curtains:

Bespoke designed for the size and shape of the offside rear window on your Transit, these curtains are a perfect fit and easy to install. The curtain rails come with all the mounting screws, and are already bent to the correct shape to mount around the window. The curtains have also been cut and sewn to the correct size, so there won’t be any gaps or light spilling in through the edges. You’ll also get all of the hooks, gliders, end stops and eyelets you’ll need to install the curtains, too.

The material:

Knitted jersey fabric has been used to create the blackout curtains, as it’s an ideal material for the job. The fibres are densely packed, due to the way knitted jersey is produced, which means that light won’t make it through. Knitted jersey also has a great drape to it once you’ve hung the curtains, so they’ll look great once they’re in place. You will have to stretch the curtains when you’re fitting them to get the pleated look. The fabric also conforms to the 95/28 EC standard, meaning that it’s been tested and approved for flame resistance.

The rails:

To make adding a set of curtains (or several sets, if you’ve got a full suite of windows) as easy as possible, we’ve made sure that you won’t have to grapple with the rails to make them fit.

• Pre-formed to the correct size and shape for the window they’re designed for,

• Do not require any bending, cutting or reshaping,

• Come with a full set of fitting screws, hooks, eyelets and gliders.