Curtains for Rear Side Windows VW T5 2003–2015 and T6 2015 Onwards (SWB)

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Add the finishing touches to your VW Transporter campervan conversion by adding blackout curtains to the rear side windows on your T5 or T6.

A great way to make sure you’re not woken up at the crack of dawn while you’re sleeping in your camper, or from stopping people seeing any equipment you might be carrying in the back of your van, our curtains are made to the exact size and shape of your windows.

At a glance:

• Created to the right dimensions for the rear side windows on the VW T5 and T6,

• Will fit either the nearside (left) or offside (right) window, as they’re symmetrical,

• A double layer of material makes them great at trapping in heat and blocking out light,

• Supplied with pre-bent curtain rails, so you won’t have to shape, cut or adjust them,

• Includes all of the screws, glides, hooks, end stops and other bits needed to fit them.

Fitting information:

Fits either the offside (right) or nearside (left) rear side windows on either the short wheelbase VW T5 built from 2003 to 2015 or VW T6 built from 2015 onwards. You’ll be able to fit the curtains to the rear window on either side of your vehicle as the windows and the surrounds are symmetrical.

The curtains: A high quality knitted jersey has been used to make these double-layered blackout curtains. Knitted jersey is made in such a way that all of the individual fibres are packed closely together, which is great for keeping the light out and insulating your camper to keep it warm overnight.

There’s a black layer of fabric on the outside, facing the window, which is great for absorbing light, and a grey later on the inside, facing into the vehicle, so the curtains will look great with any interior style or colour.

The rails: We supply our curtains with pre-formed curtain tracks, to save you the time and hassle of having to modify generic curtain rails. No one likes having to do it, so we’ve done it for you! The rails also come with all the mounting screws, hooks, gliders and end stops you’ll need to install them and hang the curtains afterwards.