Curtains for Both Sliding Door and Opposite Side VW T4 from 1990—2003

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Quality Just Kampers product. Your camper would not be complete without some curtains to frame your windows!

Whether your T4 is a conversion or not, these curtains will be sure to bring those home comforts with you on your journeys. Thanks to the curtains durable material, these curtains will last you for years. And they will keep up with the times and trends thanks to their simple design and neutral colour scheme.

At a glance

• The curtains are made from jersey fabric, durable stretchy material that has a pleated finish,

• These come with pre-formed and drilled rails, so all the hard work is done for you,

• Comes with fittings included so that you can install your curtains right away,

• Jersey fabric is opaque so that your curtains will block out light effectively,

• The curtains are made to fit the sliding door or opposite window on your T4.

Why should I buy these curtains for my T4?

Frame your windows and your interior with these stylish and minimalistic curtains. These are strong, durable and feature a plethora of benefits; these JK curtains will be sure to improve your camping experience. Made to fit the windows of your 1990—2003 VW T4 (the sliding door and the opposing side).

These are designed using the vehicle dimensions, so these will fit like a glove and will be compatible with the majority of T4 conversions of this age and spec. Curtains are a great idea if you’re often using your camper in sunny locations or enjoy the odd lie-in. Your body will thank you for blocking out the light so that you aren’t awoken at the crack of dawn on those early summer mornings. These curtains also offer an effective layer of insulation against the cold and heat, depending on the weather. This is down to their dual-layer composition.

A stone-grey layer faces the inside of the camper, and the black layer faces outward. Not only will these colours offer a simple and stylish look, they do much more than that. On hot days, the black layer helps to absorb the heat from the sun, that would otherwise leak straight into the campervan. The grey layer helps prevent a further transfer of heat. On cold days the dual layer fabric will act as a barrier against cold air from working its way into the vehicle.

Jersey fabric

This fabric features a cross-knit fibre composition that ensures a high opacity and dense texture. This is what makes it so effective at insulating and blocking light. Even after stretching the material, in order to fit the curtains, it will be just as successful at blocking light.

To install the curtains, the fabric will require stretching between the two curtain rails and this leads to why we chose jersey fabric. When stretched, the material folds and creates a pretty drape effect, that is perfect for enhancing that homely feel. The fabric has also been tested to the 95/28 EC standard, which means it is approved for flame resistance and will be a safe addition to your camper.

The rails and fittings

All of our curtains come with pre-drilled and pre-bent aluminium rails plus all the required fittings. This includes screws, end stops and gliders. This makes the installation process much faster for the average fitter.

To install the curtains, locate the gliders which are pre sewn into the curtain edge and slip them onto the curtain rail. Once you slide all of them on, you should secure them with the end caps provided.

The end caps are there to prevent you accidentally uninstalling them from the rail as you open them. The curtains will require being firmly stretched between the rails as this is what creates the pleated effect.

Please note: The end caps are fitted by twisting them into place. Despite us making these products as user friendly as possible, we do advise that your curtains are installed by professionals or at a conversion garage.