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Quality Just Kampers product, exclusive to JK. Keep your Crafter cool in the summer and warm all winter with a set of our thermomats designed to perfectly fit the cab windows and windscreen of your van. We’ve designed our range of thermo mats to perfectly fit the windows of your van, so they’re also excellent as blackout blinds to keep the interior of your camper dark past dawn!

At a glance:

• Designed by JK, based on our decades of camping experience,

• Created to the exact right dimensions of your windows, so they’ll fit perfectly

• Contains seven layers of material, so they’re incredible at insulating your camper over the winter,

• The reflective silver outer layer bounces heat, sunlight and UV rays out of your van, so it doesn’t overheat in the summer,

• Easy to roll away and store in their own carry-bag, so you can stow them away in your vehicle.

Our JK Thermomats have been one of our most popular products since we first designed them years ago. We’ve refined and improved the design of the mats over the years, as well as the materials they’re made with and the number of layers inside each of them. They’re now better than ever, and still really popular.

Fitting information:

Fits VW Crafter built from 2017 onwards. These JK Thermo Mats have been designed to fit over both the small and large cab window in the passenger and driver side doors, as well as the windscreen. This means you’ll be getting three thermo mats: a large one shaped to cover your windscreen, and two smaller ones, each of which will cover both parts of your cab door windows.

How do I fit them?

Our thermo mats are really easy to use. Simply unroll them from their carry bag and place the suction cups into the metal eyelets fixed into each thermo mat. Once the suction cups are in place, you just press them onto the glass from the inside of your vehicle. You may need to adjust the location of where you’ve stuck them a little, to ensure that the thermomats are blocking out as much light as possible.

Keep cool in summer and warm in winter

We’ve designed our thermo mats to be an invaluable accessory all year round by making sure they’ll keep the interior of your van toasty warm during the winter and cool in the summer.

Stay warm in the winter

Inside our JK Thermo Mats are seven layers of material, which all work together to trap the heat inside your vehicle before it can escape. The windows in your camper will get cold at night, as they’re in constant contact with the outside air. As the glass gets cold, they’ll start to leech heat out of the air inside your vehicle as it touches the glass, cooling the whole area down. Fitting a set of JK thermo mats before you go to bed means that the air isn’t coming into nearly as much contact with the cold window glass, and the interior of your camper will stay nice and warm for much longer.

Keep cool in the summer

During the summer you’ll likely have a totally different problem in your camper. The light and heat from the sun will pass straight through your window and warm up the interior of your vehicle. The outer layer of our thermomats is made with a reflective silver material, which will bounce this heat and light back out of your camper before it can make it uncomfortably hot inside. We’ve all opened our camper up in the summer to find it’s almost warm enough to cook in, but this problem is easily solved with a set of thermo mats!

Refreshing any misshapen suction cups

During storage, it's possible that some of the suction cups may bend and appear deformed. This can affect their ability to properly stick to glass, metal and other clean, flat surfaces, but is easily fixed.

In the unlikely event that this does happen to any of your suction cups, here's how to fix the problem:

• Boil around 500 ml of water, and allow to cool a little, and then carefully pour it into a bowl,

• Gently place any affected suction cups into the water, being careful not to splash any hot water, and leave them to soak for five minutes,

• The hot water will help the suction cups to return to their usual, concave form and straighten out any bends,

• Take care to remove the suction cups from the water once it's cooled, and while the cups are still warm and soft, reform them to their correct shape. You should only handle the suction cups if they're cool enough to safely touch.

Exclusive to Just Kampers three piece thermomat cab kit. Fits VW Crafter built from 2017 onwards.