Dometic Built in Hob/Sink Combination MO9722R (Right Hand Sink)

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Quality Dometic product. The is a compact two-burner gas hob and right or left-sided sink combination that brings convenient kitchen facilities to all small spaces. the new stylish, compact Dometic Smev 9722 sink and hob combination is the ideal solution for making the most of minimal space in your campervan, motorhome, caravan or boat.


At a glance:

• Heatproof split glass lid for convenience and sleek design,

• Dual hob for multiple pots or pans,

• Thin design taking up minimal space,

• Enamelled burner caps which are easy to clean,

• Recessed hob switches for seamless surface when lids are closed.

So what is a Dometic Combination Hob and Sink?

With recessed hob controls and sleek split closable lids, the Dometic Combination Hob and Sink is a fantastic addition to your camper, boat, caravan or motorhome! Having a shallow width means you can install this hob and sink combination unit in areas others wouldn’t be able to fit. This unit also offers a great sized sink meaning you can clean your larger items without being cramped for space.

Small gas burners will be a thing of the past when heating your morning coffee with the dual burner on this unit and don’t worry about the gas leaking if the flame quickly goes out, there’s safety against that situation which will quickly stop the gas from continuing. Are you bored of having barbeques whenever you’re camping? Would you like to have more of a home cooked style meal away from home? This will solve that problem, straight away! From pan fried bacon to boiling pasta, in fact, both at the same time with this double burner!

The other advantage of having this product is knowing you’re inside and sheltered from the unpredictable British weather! Who knows what could happen over here. One minute it’s beautiful weather for a BBQ, and the next minute, the heavens open to monsoon like conditions reversing any plans you had for the sun.


Other features:

• Rubbered finger holes for comfort,

• Split glass lids can be a useful work surface just, be careful of the weight,

• Shallow width for easy instillation in hard to fit places,

• Piezo safety ignition so no need for external electrical source,

• Spacious sink for easy cleaning.


What is a Piezo ignition?

A Piezo ignition is a certain type of ignition used in a range of things from camper stoves to lighters. It consists of a spring-loaded hammer which when pressed causes a spark, igniting the gas coming from the hob. These ignitions can be pressed with a button or can be built into the gas control knob. Piezo ignitions don’t need an external electrical source so don’t worry about having to connect something else!


Additional information:

Output cooker plate 1: 1 kw

Output cooker plate 2: 1.8 kw

Gas consumption: 204.00 g/h

Gas pressure (din732): 30 mbar

Test mark: CE


Size and weight:

The whole unit measures:

• 760 mm width

• 179 mm height

• 325 mm depth

• Weighs 6 kg

Sink dimensions

• 270 mm width

• 220 mm height

• 130 mm depth


Fitting information: Complete fitting instructions can be found in the box and should be read and followed carefully when completing instillation. As with our other gas, water and electrical products, we recommend that this unit is fitted by a qualified professional to avoid any mistakes being made or any accidents happening. 

Aux Burner: 1 LPG gas line smev 1000 W Semi Rapid Burner: 1 LPG gas line smev 1800 W Gas consumption: 204 g/h Gas Supply Pressure: 30 mbar Pan Support: Wiring chromed / Black enamelled Press Part: Stainless steel scotch brite Ignition: Piezo Weight: 6 Kg Knob Type: Phenolic Resin Glass Lids: Heat resistant tempered black painted Square sink: 270 x 220 x 130mm Width 760mm x Depth 325mm x Height 179mm