Kampa Dometic Eriba Awning Weather Protection Strip

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A quality Kampa product from Dometic. This weather strip is designed to prevent water flowing into the channel between your Eriba caravan and the awning you’ve got mounted to the side of it. Having rainwater flow from the top of your caravan and onto the awning seam can lead to damage and water ingress over time.

This simple plastic channel prevents the water from reaching the canvas seam, meaning that rain won’t affect the lifespan of your awning. The weather strip measures 3 metres long, and you may find that you need to cut the strip down to size, to ensure that it’s the perfect fit for your Eriba. If you are cutting it, make sure you measure beforehand so that the final length of the weather strip is longer than the awning channel, but does not block the water drain holes in the gutter channel itself.

We recommend warming the strip in warm water before you attempt to fit it to your vehicle. The plastic is tough, to prevent damage from wear and tear, but this can make the initial installation a bit challenge. Warming the strip will make it more flexible, giving you an easier time getting it attached to your Eriba awning.

Once the weather strip is fitted, it can be left on during transit, and it won’t affect anything else for your caravan.