Indel B LiON Cooler X30A Mobile Portable Refrigerator 30L

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Quality Indel B portable cooler!

Indel B have brought us the convenience and quality of a portable 30 litre coolbox, named the LiON. Much like the name suggests, the unit packs a bunch of power and will blow you away.

Equipped with a lithium battery, this means you can charge up your coolbox, ahead of your journey! So you needn't provide the coolbox with power at the time of use, it will power itself and do so for up to 21 hours of life!

If you're away on longer trips, and you're without access to an energy source, you can charge a spare lithium battery ahead of time and swap it out when your unit powers down. If you purchase an additional battery, you can go up to 42 hours without access to power, and have full access to quality food at a cool temperature! Unit comes complete with one lithium battery, additional batteries are sold separately.

Find them on our website with our product code: J47915.

These quality rechargeable lithium batteries can also be charged by the dedicated Indel B Folding Solar Panel!

This absorbs the intense energy from the sun and converts it into useable power, which charges up the batteries. The Solar Panel is compiled from three separate 30 W panels, which fold together for an easy pack down and convenient storage.

Click here to view the Indel B Solar Panel on our website!

The batteries are rechargeable via an AC/DC charger, specifically designed for the Indel B LiON Cooler Range. This charger is sold separately to the coolbox.

Find the AC/DC charging cable on our website via our product code: J32612.

This lightweight coolbox features two rubber wheels and a retractable pull handle. The control unit has a user-friendly digital interface and integrated Bluetooth connection, enabling the user to monitor and operate the temperature settings.