MaxxShade Plus Roller Blind for MaxxFan Vent (LED Lighting)

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Quality MaxxAir product. This optional roller blind can be attached to your Maxxfan Roof Vent, and allows you to control the light levels inside your camper. 

Fits the 400mm by 400mm Maxxfan and the 350mm by 350mm Maxxfan, which are both available here at Just Kampers. 


At a glance

• Perfectly fits your MaxxFan Roof Vent and is easy to instal,

• The fully retractable, spring-loaded roller shade lets you

darken your camper’s interior,

• Doesn’t interfere with the normal operation of the vent or

ventilation fan,

• Built-in LEDs give you another source of light in your vehicle,

• Uses the existing garnish ring for a super easy installation.


Fitting information

Easily installed to existing MaxxFan Roof Vents using the four existing screw holes, whether it’s the 350mm by 350mm or 400mm by 400mm roof vent unit.

Truly a perfect and versatile option for those who’d like to alter the level of ambient light which enters the vehicle, via their ventilation system.

Super simple to install and a flattering additional accessory, with the option of ambient lighting offered by LEDs.