Plug & Play 12v Electric Kit including Split Charger

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Having a 12-volt system in your camper gives you the option to power some of your devices and appliances straight from your camper, without being hooked up to a mains electrical supply.

Things like your fridge, hob or heaters can be powered using a 12-volt supply which will give your leisure battery time to charge.

12-volt car chargers are quite versatile and being able to extend this throughout your camper will greatly benefit you.

All at once you can charge your phone, and run your fridge and hob, seamlessly and without affecting your fuel level or leisure battery state.

At a glance

• This kit comes with 4 spotlights which are made to be fitted in the roof,

• Dual USB socket to charge phones and tablets,

• Up to 10 connection points on the board for everything you need to power in your leisure vehicle,

• Ability to be “off-grid” whilst camping.


Charging your phone is simple or powering one of your appliances is just as easy. Powering them all at the same time is a bit more difficult and you’ll need something like the Eazy Plug & Play kit to enable that.

Having a fuse board makes having many devices and appliances on the go at the same time, far safer and eliminates power surges and failures due to too much electrical load.

Additional spotlights are included to fit in the roof lining of your leisure vehicle, bringing a fresh and clean look to your interior. The switch to control these lights is also included, alongside a double USB input for phones and tablets, and a battery meter to display the state of charge of your vehicle’s main battery.


Due to electrical componentry and having to directly connect it to the vehicle battery, we recommend that you seek a professional to install the system.

On the other hand, if you have the know-how and the confidence, you can absolutely fit this system yourself. Just make sure you have the right tools and safety kit so that you can fit this kit with little to no issues. 

12v system - Allows you to power your campervan appliances when you are not hooked up to a mains electric supply. Perfect for when off-grid. Use your lights, fridge, hob, heater etc.