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Get yourself a set of two All Weather Anti-Slip Grip Mats, and say good-bye to getting stuck in muddy camping fields!

Ideal for dealing with mud, snow, ice, wet grass, sand and any other surface that might get you trapped, a set of anti-slip mats are easy to tuck away in your camper, caravan or motorhome, so you can whip them out when you need them.

With their herringbone ridges, these mats can be placed by your wheels to enable better traction when driving on wet grass, mud and snow. Lightweight and easy to store, both mats have pre-drilled holes that can be tied to the rear bumper, so when you drive away the mats are attached to the vehicle.

So, no need to get out in the mud and snow until the conditions offer you a better footing.


• Set of two

• Strong plastic, with herringbone ridges

• Ideal for wet grass, mud and snow

Size : 74 cm x 22 cm x 6 mm each,

Weight: 750g (pair),

Colour: Yellow,