Camper Van Lining Anthracite 4-Way Ultra Stretch (10 Metres)

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Quality product. Perhaps you’re looking to convert your panel van, or your camper is looking for a bit of a revamp. This four-way ultra-stretch carpet is the perfect way to line your vehicle and keep your interior looking sharp.

This carpet comes in four other colours, the anthracite colour replicates a charcoal grey. Perfect for hiding stains in a vehicle that will be prone to oil marks, paint, or coffee splashes.

 At a glance:

• Ten metres of carpet, also available in 5 metres with product code J46513,

• Anthracite colour is dark and its slightly flocked texture hides stains in a well-used vehicle,

• Four-way stretch material is easy to fit and manipulate, works with you not against you,

• Two metres wide and covers 20 square metres of coverage, perfect for larger vehicles,

• Available in four other colours if you’d prefer a lighter or darker shade.


How much carpet liner do I need?

It’s recommended that you use five metres of lining for a small van, such as a VW Caddy or a Ford Transit Connect.

You should use this ten-metre product for lining a short wheel-base (L1) vehicle, like the VW Transporter of Ford Transit Custom Conversion, this includes headlining.

If you’re using carpet to line a long wheel-base (L2) vehicle, then we recommend that you use 12 metres of lining, this also accounts for headlining.


What is four-way stretch carpet?

Four-way stretch carpet allows you to fit carpet to your panels easily and quickly. The carpet stretches in four directions, so it can be pulled and pushed into areas as you adhere it. Easily move the fabric into those awkward nooks and crannies.

Ultra-stretch is the simplest carpet to fit and will work with you in challenging circumstances. Thanks to the stretchy properties, the material is also form fitting, should you be lining areas not so flat.


How do I carpet line a camper van?

There are different ways to carpet line your van, but it’s recommended that you insulate the interior panels and then line the insulated panels with plywood for a flat surface. You then want to glue the four-way ultra-stretch carpet to the plywood.

Hang the carpet from high, where the ceiling meets the wall, and spray a small row of glue adhesive to the panel and to the back of the corresponding carpet area. Apply pressure from the top of the glued area and then downwards and outwards, then proceed to apply pressure over the newly glued area for about 30 seconds.

Continue the process and guide the stretchy carpet into areas across curves and work it into corners. Ensure there’s sufficient coverage of glue across all areas for a well job done.

You can fit the carpet to bare metal using spray adhesive, but you will need to insulate the pillars of the van with spray foam or an alternative to prevent cold bridging from the exterior to the interior of the van.

Four-way ultra-stretch carpet is the easiest carpet to line the sides of your project van. If you’re not confident in fitting it yourself, it’s recommended that you take your van to a professional fitter or conversion company.


What other colours are available?

The four-way ultra-stretch carpet is available in 5 metre and ten metre lengths in the following colours:

• Beige. Five metres is available via J46514, ten metres is available via J46509,

• Light Grey / Silver. Five metres is available via J46515, ten metres is available via J46510,

• Smoke. Five metres is available via J46516, ten metres is available via J56511,

• Black. Five metres is available via J46517, ten metres is available via J56512,

• And of course anthracite, 5 metres is available via J46513.

We do offer other carpet options for lining the inside of your camper, but they are not incredibly stretchy and therefore require fitting via cutting to shape. We recommend that these are fitted by conversion companies.


Please note that the in-person colour may differ slightly from the colour in the product image.