Best Fridges for Campervans

Best Fridges for Campervans | Our Guide to Fridges & Coolboxes

Written by the JK Team
Published 19 August 2021
Just Kampers

We’ve updated our previous 2021 edition of this guide, in order to provide our customers with the best and most up to date information that we can. Read on to discover the best campervan fridges for your 2022 camping lifestyle!

Our Guide to the Best Fridges & Coolboxes for your Campervan

Discover our up-to-date list, summarising the best campervan fridges, including compressor, three-way, and thermo-electric cool boxes. We will introduce to you, the different makes and prices and compare them for you, so you don’t have to do all the homework!

It’s difficult to choose the right fridge or cool box for your camper, if you’re not entirely sure how they work and what the other options are! The most common of the lot are compressor fridges, but there’s lots else out there for you to choose from. It’s not just about the brands and the prices, you must consider how the fridges work and what will be the most viable option for yourself.

To make things easier for you, we’ve put together a guide to the different types, and listed what we think are the best fridges for campervans.

Different campervan fridge types

There are three main types of campervan fridges: compressor, three-way, and a thermo-electric cool box.

Compressor fridges: These are very similar to the fridges you would typically have at home, only they use far less power. A normal fridge, however, could not possibly run from the power of your leisure battery, so compressor fridges have been developed! These usually run using 12volts and switch between the normal 240volts, changing voltage every 20-30 minutes. It’s during this time that they use power from your camper’s battery. Compressor fridges are usually recommended for their reliability, efficiency, and easy installation. Compressor fridges are the most common choice amongst avid campers.

Three-way fridges: Three-way fridges are so-called because they can be run in three different ways: through a mains electric supply of 240v, using 12v electrics, or using LPG gas. These can be suitable if you don’t have the means for what is considered a regular setup, or you need that extra bit of fridge capacity. These are usually much larger than compressor fridges and thermo-electric cool boxes. A three-way fridge can be the better of options for larger groups of people travelling, due to the spaciousness of the fridge and the variety of sizes they can be purchased in. Whilst they can be more efficient and longer-lasting, gas fridges also run silently compared to many fridges, which emit a mechanical hum. If you want to use a gas supply to power this type of fridge, it’s recommendable to seek the help of a licenced gas engineer.

Thermo-electric cool box: The final option is, in fact, not a fridge at all, but rather a large cool box. These use electric power to remove warm air from the cool box, instead of keeping it at a set temperature. They tend to reduce air temperature by around 20°C, so are only suitable for short trips in cooler weather. This option is perfect for kitting a camper on a lower budget. They’re great for shorter trips, or if you’ve already got a compressor fridge but you need a little extra space, you can put the less perishable items in the cool box and reserve the compressor fridge for the meat and things that require a very cool temperature.

Compressor fridge vs 3-way fridge

If you use your campervan for long trips or travelling abroad, it’s probably worth taking cool boxes out of the equation, just because they won’t be able to effectively keep those important food products cold for long. No one wants curdled milk in their tea, on their travels. This leaves you with compressor fridges or 3-way fridges. The choice will largely depend on your power supply.

Compressors tend to be slightly more expensive, and they will run much better if your campervan has a solar panel. So long as there’s plenty of power going to the compressor fridge, then it will run efficiently and will need minimal attention.

Those who don’t have a solar panel might prefer a 3-way fridge, because of the choice you’re given, regarding power supply. Choice between mains, 12v battery power, and gas means that you can use the fridge in different settings – whether you have an electric hook-up at a campsite, you have an installed gas source, or you’re happy to rely on your battery.

What are the Best Fridges for Campervans?

Before converting your camper with a new fridge option, you should consider the sizing, fittings and voltage requirement to ensure smooth compatibility with your camper. Should you choose to install a compressor fridge, your best options include:

JKF 50 Silver/Black 12v Compressor Fridge Freezer

The Just Kampers JKF 50 refrigerator with removable freezer has been designed for a range of touring vehicles. This compressor fridge is affordable without compromising on quality. From personalisation features, including flexible storage options, to quality components, this fridge freezer is a desirable balance of function and form. It quickly reaches cool temperatures to chill your food and drinks on the move.

    The key features of this fridge include:
  • Quiet, highly efficient LG compressor to regulate temperature responsively,
  • User-friendly control panel (with an LED display),
  • Intelligent battery protection system.

The black version of the fridge is available here, with exactly the same specifications.

Just Kampers 45Lt 12v-230v Electric Compressor Cool Box Fridge/ Freezer

This portable fridge-freezer is ideal for food storage on your travels and also doubles as convenient seating. Complete with two compartments – the larger of which can function as a fridge or freezer, and the smaller drawer is always a little bit warmer, better for storing things like salads and fruit.

    The key features of this fridge include:
  • Dual compartments for greater temperature control,
  • Doubles as extra furniture, for example seat or table,
  • Low power drain product.

To take a look at this product on our website, please click here.

Dometic CoolMatic CRX50 Premium Compressor Cabinet Fridge/ Freezer (48 litre) Stainless Steel Finish

Easy to install across a variety of camper conversions, this Dometic fridge has space that can be modified to clear room for your food storage. This fridge/freezer is great for long hauls and offers camper owners flexibility for the long road.

    The key features of this fridge include:
  • Adjustable interior storage, allowing for extra space,
  • Automatically adjusts temperature,
  • Noise reduction.

If you’d like to see this on our website, please click here.

Webasto Cruise Elegance CR49 Premium Compressor Cabinet Fridge/Freezer 49Ltr

Webasto design high-quality and innovative products time and time again. This 49 litre fridge features a polished steel design and is designed to be compact and slot into your campervan kitchen setup. It’s a great option for longer trips and time spent travelling.

Spacious by design, this fridge is great for camper conversions given its flexibility to adjust shelving and compartments. This fridge has great temperature retention, with a thick outer wall. Complete with fixable mountings to finish off your modern conversion.

    The key features of this fridge include:
  • Extra insulation – lower power consumption,
  • Intelligent vent-lock system to prevent mould over inactive periods,
  • Innovative fitting removes the need for a mounting frame.

If you’d like to read more about these fridges, then click here to visit our website.

Webasto Cruise Classic CR49 Compressor Fridge-Freezer (49 Litre)

Complete with all the bells and whistles of a Webasto branded fridge unit – here is a spacious unit with custom shelving that runs quietly on lower voltage, leaving your leisure battery unstrained by its daily use and comes in a fantastic contemporary Stainless Steel finish.

    The key features of this fridge include:
  • Simple adjustment to maximise space (49-litre capacity),
  • Built-in, quiet and efficient cooling system that can be used for 12 and 24-volt applications,
  • No need for extra mounting frame.

If you’d like to see this on our website, please click here.

In summary

Before hitting the road, having the right storage options can be essential for long or short journeys. With a growing number of fridge and freezer options, there are several reasons to consider how a new unit can be the next fitting upgrade to your ride.

For cleaner, lower energy use, to adding more space, a new fridge for your camper could settle the craving to bring new life into your campervan.

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