Morris Lubricants is a British independent family-owned company who have been manufacturing lubricants in Shrewsbury, Shropshire since 1869.  One hundred and forty years of development has seen the company grow to one of Europe's leading oil blenders and marketers, with a solid reputation for quality and service.

In the air-cooled VW scene they are a legend with their SAE 30 oil. Golden Film SAE 30 Classic Oils are a specialist range of high quality, low detergent/dispersant monograde lubricants.  These oils are suitable for use in naturally aspirated four stroke petrol and diesel engines and classic gearbox designs.

Water-cooled VW's although in the VW scene Morris are best known for oils for air-cooled engines, they have a great range to help you keep your Petrol or Diesel VW on the road.

Apart from engine oils, they also produce specialist gearbox oils and brake fluids.

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