Brake Upgrades for VW Beetles, Campers & Transporters

Classic VW brake upgrades from Just Kampers

We're stocking a great range of brake upgrade kits and components for your classic VW, to help you stay safe while you're on the road alongside more modern vehicles. 

Whether you're looking to move up from drum brakes to discs, or you just need a handful of 40mm M12 bolts to fit your brake caliper conversion, you're in the right place! 


Brake Upgrades for your VW Aircooled Car

If you need to improve the brake system on your VW aircooled car, then you're in the right place - Just Kampers has a great range of upgrade parts in stock, ready to help you refresh or replace your brakes. 

Brake Upgrades for your VW T2 Split

We've got all the parts and components you need to upgrade the braking systems in your VW T2 Splitscreen, from simple replacements to total conversion kits. 

Brake Upgrades for your VW T2 Bay 

Just Kampers has all the brake upgrade components you need to improve the braking system of your VW T2 Bay, from total conversions to smaller upgrades. 

Upgrading your T2 Bay with a CSP Front Brake Disc Kit

Got your eye on the CSP upgrade kit for your Bay's front brakes? We don't blame you! Swapping out your camper's drum brakes for disc brakes makes a massive difference to how your bus handles on the roads. 

Check out this quick video we put together showing off the excellent quality of the components in the CSP kit, as well as some information about what's included in the disc brake upgrade kit, and how it's fitted.