BBT Silver Weld Through panels at Just Kampers

We've worked with our friends at BBT to make their entire range of excellent Silver Weld Through panels available at, to help you keep your classic VW in top shape. 

The Silver Weld Through range from BBT includes a great selection of body panels for the VW Beetle, VW T2 Splitscreen and VW T2 Bay. Each panel is carefully crafted and coated in BBT's specially formulated protective coating, which doesn't need to be removed before you fit the panel to your vehicle. 

What are Silver Weld Through Panels? 

An exciting range of best-quality metalwork and panels from BBT, each Silver Weld Through product has been created to the exact same specifications as the original part, when Volkswagen first produced them. This includes the dimensions, but also the gauge of steel used to make each panel - they're all designed to perfectly match your VWs original panels. 

BBT's Silver Weld Through range includes complete panels only, with no repair panels. The team at BBT used original VW T2 Splitscreens and VW T2 Bays, and hundreds of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts and panels to get the dimensions and specifications for their Silver Weld Through range, to ensure they're an ideal match. 

The range is under continuous development, with BBT sending OEM panels (and entire vehicles!) to a team of highly skilled engineers who use these to produce new Silver Weld Through panels to their exacting specifications. 

BBT told us that "Our goal is to keep pushing the boundaries and to ensure that we can help a lot more people with the restoration of their pride and joy", which is certainly something we can relate to here at Just Kampers! 

How does the silver weld through coating work?

The Silver Weld Through primer acts as a protecting coating over your panels while you're doing the bodywork. The way this silvery primer is formulated means that you won't need to grind it away before you weld your new panel to your vehicle, so that your metalwork isn't exposed to the elements and at risk of corrosion. 

It's important to note that this weld through primer doesn't have the same features as a paint primer, and once you’ve finished body work we'd always recommend you remove the weld through primer and coat your panels with a decent paint primer.

Who are BBT? 

Founded in 1986 by Arlette van Dijck and Bob van Heyst, BBT is a renowned supplier and manufacturer of classic Volkswagen parts and accessories. Based in Sint-Job-in-'t-Goor, Belgium, the story of BBT is pretty similar to our own story in many ways.

The company started off as a small shop, which BBT quickly outgrew - much like Just Kampers and our first workshop. They've continued to grow over the years, with their range of parts, number of customers and their headquarters all growing quickly since the mid '80s. 

BBT's huge headquarters in Belgium is split between offices, warehouses and a huge collection of rare and unusual classic Volkswagens - as well as Bob's collection of old school radios!

These days BBT are known around the world for the size of their range and the quality of their parts, as well as for the numerous shows and events they organise or take part in across Europe. 

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Why did Just Kampers add these new panels to their range? 

We're always looking to expand and improve the range of parts and accessories we have available. In 2022 we added over 1,000 new products to our range, including dozens of classic VW parts, hundreds of camper conversion products, and the entire BBT Silver Weld Through range. 

The JK Team have been really impressed with the quality and finish of BBT's Silver Weld Through panels, and have made space for them on the shelves here at JK HQ. 

We don't stock parts we haven't tested ourselves, and all of the panels from BBT's Silver Weld Through have been built to a really high standard, matching the original specifications from Volkswgen themselves, and so they passed with flying colours!