Vango Galli III Air Low Inflatable Awning for Left-Hand Drive Vehicles

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Vango Galli III Air Low Inflatable Awning for Left-Hand Drive Vehicles

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On Backorder - UK Only

More information about Vango’s warranty and aftersales are available here:

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Quality Vango product, part of the AirBeam range. The Galli III is ideal if you want to add a large living or sleeping area to your camping set-up, but don’t want to struggle with traditional metal poles. Vango’s range of inflatable air awnings is really popular, and with the Galli III it’s easy to see why. It’s held up by the integrated AirBeam system, so you get set it up without grappling with any metal rails.

Easily attached to almost any campervan, caravan or motorhome, there’s a number of different attachment options you can use to affix your Galli III. It includes a 250 cm kador rail, which you can use with different fixing systems, like the classic figure 8 channel connector, which slots into the gutter running around the sides of classic campervans like the T2 Bay or Split.

At a glance:

• Uses Vango’s celebrated AirBeam system, instead of awkward metal poles,

• Supplied with a double action pump, so you can have it inflated in minutes,

• Designed for left-hand drive vehicles, with an offside (right) sliding door,

• Sleeps four people, with two optional bedrooms,

• Free-standing, so you can drive away and leave it at your camp site,

• Can be pitched and ready in just 15 minutes. We’re offering the Galli III Low, as it’s ideal for a whole range of campervans, including panelvan conversions, and smaller motorhomes.

The canvas which connects your Vango awning to your vehicle will reach between 180 cm up to 210 cm high. This is perfect for most campers.

Alternatively, Vango’s Galli III Tall has a connector which will reach between 245 cm to 295 cm high, which will be too high for most vans, and result this connecting section sloping downwards toward the vehicle, which can cause problems if it rains.

Measurements and dimensions:

• Height: 210 cm,

• Depth: 465 cm,

• Width: 320 cm,

• Packed size: 78 cm x 39 cm x 44 cm,

• Weight: 23.15 kg.

Vango have designed the Galli III for touring, meaning that it’s ideal for long weekends and shorter trips away, but isn’t suitable for long-term or static pitching. By using the Galli III for holidays away, rather than leaving it set up all summer, you’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come!

Setting your awning up:

The first thing you’ll need to do to set up the Galli III is take all the components out of the bag. Luckily, the carry bag is larger than it needs to be, so you won’t find that the canvas leaps to escape as soon as you move the zip! Once you’ve got all the parts laid out, you’ll need to place the main body of the awning where you want it pitched, with the three large windows facing outwards and the awning’s door to your vehicle facing the vehicle itself. From there you can attach the kador strip (which is 2.5 m on this awning, giving you plenty of surface for securely attaching the awning), to your vehicle in whichever way works best for your camper or caravan.

You can then peg out the corners of the awning located nearest to your vehicle. The awning itself is light enough that you likely won’t need to use an awning pulley, if you’re fitting it to a caravan or motorhome. With that done, you’ll need to locate the awning’s inflation valve, and grab your double-action awning pump. This pump will inflate the awning on both the ‘up’ and ‘down’ motion, to make it faster and more efficient. As the awning inflates, you’ll be able to pause pumping and peg out and secure the awning in intervals. Lastly, ensure everything is secure, and use the guy ropes to properly fix your awning in place. Whether you’re using the Galli III as an extension to your motorhome, or to give you more space outside your camper, there’s a simple solution to attaching the two.

You can affix the Galli III using:

• The 6 mm kador strip attached to the awning,

• 8 m over-vehicle straps,

• Roof bar attachment straps,

• A pole-and-clamp system.

There’s a decent amount of space in the connecting tunnel, too, so you’ll be able to fit the awning to low or high mounting mounts on your vehicle. This connector can be rolled away and stored with the ties located on the awning, while you’re not using it, so it isn’t left flapping around. Packing it away: Having to take down your Galli III down and pack it away might be a sad sign that your trip is coming to an end, but at least it isn’t a hassle!

You won’t need to mess around with any poles, just follow the steps you used to set the awning up in reverse – it’s quick and easy. All of the kit for the Galli III of the awning come in their own separate bags, and all go into one over-sized carry bag, which is larger than it needs to be to make it easy to fit everything in there. Full instructions are of course included with your awning, and should be followed at all times.

The AirBeam system: The Galli III awning uses the SuperBeam system, giving you wider diameter beams and even more stability. Once it’s set up, fully inflated and pegged out, you’ll get the same sense of security you would from a more traditional pole awning, but with none of the struggle. Your Galli III comes with a double action Vango pump, which has an attachment specifically designed for the valves in their AirBeam awnings. This means you won’t have any air escaping while you’re pumping up the awning, and it will inflate on both the ‘up’ and the ‘down’ action of the pump, to make it twice as quick.

The pump comes with its own carry bag to keep it safe, as well as a pressure gauge to ensure that you don’t end up over-inflating the beams. As well as creating a really strong frame for the awning’s canvas, the AirBeam poles are pre-angled to ensure you get the maximum internal space and more effective bracing against the wind. Vango have completely removed the stress of getting to the campsite and finding you’ve got missing, bent or broken awning poles with their AirBeam system!

It’s the little things:

• The set of steel rock pegs are tough enough to let you set up anywhere,

• All the guy lines are high visibility, so you won’t bump into them in the dark,

• Line-lock guy line runners will let you tension the lines to brace against the weather,

• The pegging points attached to the awning itself are adjustable to account for rough ground,

• There’s a protected cable entry point, so you can feed mains power into your awning,

• The carry-bag is larger than it needs to be, to make packing away easier and less stressful.

Defy the elements: No need to worry if adverse weather strikes while you’re enjoying a trip with your awning. Vango’s tension band system – TBS II – lets you brace the Galli III against sideways movement caused by strong wind or rain. It’s easy to set up, and comes with instructions to ensure that you don’t over-tighten it and affect the strength of the AirBeam poles. If the weather is lovely and calm, you can detach the TBS II system and stow it away somewhere convenient. Wet weather won’t stop you enjoying the Galli III. It’s been tested for waterproofing, and boasts a Hydrostatic Head (HH) of 6000, which is truly impressive. Not only is the awning fabric itself excellent at repelling water, but the very shape of the awning itself is designed to shrug off rain, rather than pooling anywhere. For a little added protection, the Galli III even has a rain canopy over the front door, so you can open it to let some fresh air in without everything and everyone inside getting wet. The Galli III has been tested to European Standard EN5912 for safety during wind and heavy rainfall.

Sentinel Pro: Vango have achieved this excellent weather resistance by creating their own fabric material for their awnings: Sentinel Pro. Used in their tents and awnings, Sentinel Pro uses a blend of fibres woven together to create a hard-wearing canvas with double ripstop protection. 245% stronger than their entry level Sentinel Active material, it ensures that your investment into the Galli III will last a long time. The techniques used to make is so waterproof have also made the Sentinel Pro fabric really easy to clean, so you can clear dirt, mud and errant bits of grass from the side of the awning quickly, and pack it away clean.

The canvas is:

• Fire retardant – meets the ISO5912 standard,

• Light weight – weighs just 106 grams per square meter,

• Fade proof – Vango have infused the fabric with their ColourLok technology,

• UV Safe – has an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 50+.

All of the edges on the Galli III have a high quality seal to them, to ensure there’s no water ingress any the weather stays on the outside. Drive-away: The Galli III is designed to be stable enough to stand up on its own, without needing your vehicle present for support. This means that you can detach your camper, secure the awning, and go off for a day trip. When you return to the campsite, you can attach the awning back to your Transporter and enjoy your evening.


Designed to be as easy to use as possible, for as many people as possible, the Galli III has an easy access door at the front, which opens all the way to ground level. This means there’s no canvas edge to step over, and it’s easily accessible for anyone with reduced mobility, as well as people using wheelchairs, prams and pushchairs to get in and out. The inside space is also designed to give you clear access from the front door of the awning, right through to the vehicle. Speaking of doors, all the entrances to the Galli III are protected by an extra layer of mesh, which you can zip up and down independently from the door itself, to allow a nice breeze through without being inundated with insects!

Enjoy the SkyTrack II system:

Vango have fitted their SkyTrack system throughout the Galli III. This is a thin, integrated rail which can be used with Vango accessories to increase storage, add lights or install bedrooms into the awning. Included with the Galli III is a set of 10 Vango Skyhooks which will let you add all kinds of different accessories, whether or not they’re from Vango, and really make the space work for you. If you want to use the awning for additional sleeping space, you can get a two berth Vango sleeping pod here: J41540. This bedroom space measures 210 cm x 195 cm x 140 cm, and is easy to install or remove. Enjoy the view: Vango have fitted Diamond Clear windows to the Galli III, so you can let the light in and enjoy the view of wherever you’ve camped. The material used in the Diamond Clear windows is designed to be as transparent as possible, whilst also providing decent insulation. It also resists the fogging that’s sometimes a problem on some awning windows as they age.

Each set of windows in the Galli III also comes with a pair of curtains, to give you added insulation and privacy. When you’re not using them, the curtains can be tied away so they’re not blocking your view, too! There are also skylight windows running along the roofline, so you’ll feel even closer to the great outdoors. Inside your Galli III Inside the Galli III awning, the groundsheet is attached to the fly sheet with an external storm skirt, which means you can enjoy spending time inside the awning without draughts or bugs getting in! Vango also offer a groundsheet protector. This optional extra can shield the groundsheet from rough terrain, and stops it from getting wet or muddy, so it’s quicker to pack away.

If you want even more comfort, and to keep the warmth in, you can add an optional Vango carpet: J41535. The interior of the awning also has plenty of space for you to add in some Vango sleeping pads, to make using the Galli III as an extra bedroom even more comfy.

Warranty and repairs:

Buying your Vango Galli III from JK will entitle you to our Just Kampers warranty, which covers you for 12 months from the date of purchase. It covers all manufacturing faults of the materials, parts, and workmanship, and the functionality of the product for its normal intended use. It does not cover a malfunction that has resulted from improper or unreasonable use or maintenance, accidents, damage due to excessive winds/weather, improper re-packing or natural degradation due to sunlight. 

More information about Vango’s warranty and aftersales are available here:

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Country of Manufacture China
EAN/UPC 5023518821429
Width (CM - Packed) 69
Height (CM - Packed) 41
Depth (CM - Packed) 48
Manufacturer Vango
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