Dometic Coolpower 35 Power Inverter

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Quality Dometic product. Coolpower mains power adaptor. Perfect for powering your beloved 24V & 12V appliances, from your standard 240V output. 

This inverter converts mains electrical output to a lower voltage, compatible with most camping appliances as a temporary power source.

We recommend this product as a great short-term option for powering 24V & 12V-powered items such as camping lights, water pumps, fans, speakers and others.

This inverter adaptor has the ability to automatically select its output voltage, based on the power draw itself. When connected to a battery power source, your Cool Power 35 Inverter Adapter will choose to evoke a voltage which corresponds to the voltage of the appliance it's powering.

A supply of 12V to 24V is only emitted while the adapter draws power from a battery source.

While the inverter adapter is connected to a mains power draw, the unit will only ever give an output of 24V.

If you're looking to power your 24V appliances straight from the mains plug, then this is the product for you!

Please note:

An output of 24V cannot be accepted by 12V appliances with high-quality voltage protection. 

If you wish to include mains as a regular power source for your RV setup, we recommend you do so via a split charge supply that allows campsite mains to charge your leisure battery. The Waeco inverter adaptor is a great temporary option for those who want to use their camping accessores for a short time, while only a 110V - 240V mains draw is available.