MaxxFan Deluxe (350x350mm) Roof Vent with Remote Control and Tinted Rain Cover

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Quality MaxxAir product. If you want to maintain the perfect temperature and air flow in your campervan, but don’t want to have to pop open a ceiling window and hope you don’t get flooded with rain and bugs, the MaxxFan Deluxe is for you! 

Easily installed into a camper, RV or caravan, it’s a complete ventilation and climate control system, which comes with a remote control, so it’s super convenient to use from anywhere in your vehicle. 

The opening roof vent has an incorporated rain cover, so you’ll only be letting a fresh breeze in, not the weather.

At a glance: 

• Designed to fit into 350 mm x 350 mm roof openings,

• The remote control will let you adjust the MaxxFan from anywhere in your vehicle,

• Has a low profile once installed, so it won’t draw the eye or affect aerodynamics,

• Fly screen and rain cover keep the outdoors outside, 

• The 10-speed fan runs quietly, and can pull air into the vehicle or draw it out.

This MaxxFan Deluxe unit has a rain cover finished in smoked, translucent plastic, which will allow some light through. This makes the unit ideal for living areas or bathrooms, but might not be suited for bedrooms if you don’t want to wake up at dawn!

As well as being operated by the remote control, you’ll also be able to open and close the unit manually, using the knob located on the unit. 

The 10-blade fan built into the unit measures 12 inches across, and has been optimised for quiet running, so it won’t wake you up or keep you up if it needs to adjust the temperature or airflow in the night. 

You can select one of ten different speeds on the MaxxFan Deluxe, each of which will draw different amounts of air into or out of your vehicle, as well as drawing different levels of power from your leisure battery. 

Rather than having to set and adjust these manually, you can give the unit your preferred temperature and it will work to maintain this until you switch it off or adjust the temperature.

The MaxxFan Deluxe unit can extract air from your camper or caravan, making it ideal for use above kitchen spaces where you might want to vent out food smells while cooking in your vehicle. 

Capable of moving up to 900 cubic feet of air per minute (900 CFM), which is truly impressive. The unit can also be used as a ceiling fan, with the rain cover lid shut, so you can feel cooler without needing the draw air in from the outside. 

The MaxxFan Deluxe comes with all the fittings and kit you’ll need to install it, and is designed for 350 mm x 350 mm roof openings. You can use it as a simple replacement for your existing skylight, but with way more features and benefits! 

Electrical information:

You’ll need to connect your MaxxFan Deluxe unit to a 12-volt power supply, and factor it in to the amp draw demand of your leisure battery.

Working at 100% power, the fan unit will draw roughly 2.66 amp hours per hour, while on 10% speed the fan will draw around 0.15 amp hours per hour.

Please ensure that you check that your vehicle’s electrical set-up will be able to handle the additional draw from the MaxxFan Deluxe before installation.

Installing the MaxxFan:

Full instructions are supplied with the MaxxFan Deluxe unit, which also cover how to use the remote control. These should be carefully followed when installing this product. It can be done at home as a DIY job if you have the tools, skills and experience to do so.

However, we recommend that you take your vehicle and the Maxxfan Deluxe unit to a professional if you’re in any doubt, to ensure that the fan is fitted securely and wired safely.