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Essential for prolonging the life of all T2 engines. Ensures that hot air cannot rise from the exhaust and cause the engine to run hot. Can also be used as an alternative for aircooled T25s.

When fitting, ensure that the smooth side of the seal is downmost; that the joint is not near the cooling fan. The engine compartment in an air-cooled VW is designed as a closed system which keeps air flowing over those parts of the engine which get hot. As these engines run quite close to their temperature limit anyway, there is very little room for manoeuvre. This seal not only keeps out road dirt from the engine, but prevents hot exhaust air being sucked into the engine compartment which reduces the air-cooling effect. When this happens, the unit runs hotter, increasing wear and reducing engine life. Don’t skimp on this important item – regularly check the condition of your seal, as they break up as they become old and allow hot air to rise.

Foam engine bay seal. Fits all VW T2 Bays from 1972 to 1979.