Glowplug Relay (no 103) VW T4 1996–2003VW T5 2003–2006

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VW T4 96 to 03 and T5 03 to 06 Transporter glowplug relay (no 103).

Can also be used as a heavy duty split charge relay. Ideal if you're using a second battery to power camping equipment, lights or a sound system. Controlled by microprocessor, it connects two batteries in parallel, automatically disconnecting the main battery when it reaches a pre-set, full charge of 13.2v. Then, when the charge drops below 12.8v the split charge relay reconnects to allow continuous charging. In this way, both batteries are continually topped up.

Suitable for AHY, AXG, AJT, AYY, ACV, AUF and AYC engine codes.