Temperature Sender (2 Pin) T25 1600TD, 1700cc, 1900cc, 2100cc 1983–1990 T4 Turbo Diesel 1990– 2003

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Two pin temperature sender. Originally Green/Black. Fits 1900cc and 2100cc T25s from 1983 to 1992, and 1600TD and 1700cc diesels. Turbo Diesel T4s with 1X, ABL, AJA, AAB and AES engine codes from 1990 to 2003.

It is advisable to replace the seal (J19891) and clip (J19955) at the same time.

Suitable for Type 25 engine codes DF, DG, SS, MV and DJ, JX & KY. T4 engine codes 1X, ABL, AJA, AAB, AES. Temperature Range 25 degree C to 80 degree C Resistance [Ohm] = 1000 Resistance [Ohm] = 148