Metal Battery Clamp for VW T25 from 1979 – 1992

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High quality reproduction classic part! One hard wearing reproduction battery clamp; an essential if you’re replacing those maintenance parts on your T25 or T3. A frequently overlooked contributor to your MOT result, is to quality check your battery clamp. If left unchecked, a rusted battery clamp could cost you an MOT pass. 


At a glance:

  • Made to the same dimensions as the original bracket produced by VW,
  • Designed specifically to fit VW T25’s built between 1979 and 1992,
  • Metal composition enhances durability and ensures lasting performance,
  • For installation underneath driver seat, to T25 models sporting a petrol engine,
  • Compatible with 12 V batteries that feature a pronounced lip at the base. 


Important product information

Secure your vehicle battery to prevent problems on future road trips. This clamp is designed to secure the vehicle battery, under the driver’s seat in your T25. The location of your battery may differ, dependant on what type of engine you have; it’s best to have the battery close to the engine if you’re running on diesel, so in this instance the battery is often mounted to a tray in the engine bay, which requires a different clamp.

This battery retainer works differently to others, as it doesn’t fasten your power source to a surface. Instead, this clamp works like a wedge to butt the battery against the wall beneath your seat. The length of the clamp rests next to the battery, while the shorter side is fixed to the edge of your battery compartment. The lower end juts toward the battery, this puts pressure on it and keeps it in place. The pressure from the mounted clamp provides enough static friction to keep the battery stationary while driving. 

Bracket installation

To secure the bracket in place, use a bolt and nut. Run the bolt through the hole in the clamp and then through the vehicle body to mount the clamp securely. This clamp is designed to secure the battery within the battery box, on petrol VW T25’s produced between 1979 to 1992.

Please note: Not all vehicles will abide by these rules, it’s common to see unique modifications to the battery box, performed by previous owners. This sometimes means the shape of the vehicle body then differs from its original form. If this is the case for you, when you go to fit this clamp, additional body modification may be necessary.