Nearside (left) Replacement Tie Rod Bracket for VW T25 (1979-1992)

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VW T25 Replacement Tie Rod Bracket

One complete nearside (left-hand) tie rod bracket, an essential for vehicles which have accumulated significant rust or damage over time. Made to fit the nearside on VW T25 models built from 1979 to 1992.


Replace damaged or rusty panels

Replace your old and damaged areas of metal a brand-new replacement panel, we have a variety to choose from on our website. These should weld on without bother, as they’re designed to replace original VW form. Rust breaks down metal over time, you'll often notice holes in badly affected areas. This upsets the structure of your vehicle and can put you at risk, especially in if areas like this are affected, where metal is used as support. Keep yourself and passengers safe by replacing damaged metal!

How’s it installed?

Requires welding to the vehicle body. If you’ve got any questions, please contact us and a JK team member will be able to advise. We recommend invasive repairs and structural modifications are carried out by a licensed professional.


Please don’t pre-book garage appointments before you’ve received your necessary parts.