Preservation Parts Nearside Rear Inner Wheel Arch Closing Panel for VW T2 Bay 1972—1979

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Quality Preservation Parts product. We have teamed together with Preservation Parts to provide our customers which perfect panels that will fit on the first attempt.

They are built to the exact measurements and shapes as the originals which were made by VW, so you receive the same panel you are familiar with but at an affordable price!

At a glance:

  • Powder coated in a medium grey, to keep your part in top condition while in transit and storage,
  • Designed by JK and manufactured by Preservation Parts, together providing an ever-growing collaborative catalogue since 2012,
  • Parts are made to the exact measurements as the originals made by VW,
  • Perfect fitting parts ensure that your vehicle is healthy, excess pressure due to poor fitment can cause warping and distortion.

Please note, these parts are manufactured to fit perfectly to the shape of your van, as it left the factory. These parts may require modification, if your classic has been subject to prior modifications over the years.

Nearside Rear Inner Wheel Arch Closing Panel for VW T2 Bay 1972—1979

This is the lower rear repair section for the rear wheel tub on the nearside of the vehicle. Fits all VW T2 Bays from 1972 to 1979. This part is a direct reproduction of the original part which was fitted from factory.

Why should I replace my existing classic part?

Wheel arch tubs and closing panels are not uncommon to rust, but they are located in quite closed off areas which are close to the road. As the UK weather does its thing and the ground gets saturated in rain, water gets kicked up into areas underneath the vehicle body and that prolonged exposure can make the risk of rust more likely.

Ensure that your vehicle is in its best condition by repairing those weakened areas and replacing panels as and when it’s necessary. Preservation Parts panels are of the highest quality and are super easy to fit, thanks to the importance focussed on ensuring their panels exactly match those first fitted to the vehicle by VW.