Fiamma F35 Pro 180 Awning – Titanium Case & Royal Grey Canopy

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Quality Canopy-Style Awning with Practical Design

An essential for camping enthusiasts, who enjoy getting out in their recreational vehicles. The Fiamma F35 Pro 180 is designed to suit a variety of vans and motorhomes. Enjoy the sun without the burn; kick back and appreciate the great outdoors.

This F35 Pro awning is comprised from a quality vinyl canopy and an anodised aluminium canopy case. Colour combination includes a Titanium canopy case and Royal Grey vinyl. Fiamma’s fabric is UV resistant, rot-proof, waterproof and produced in a few different colours; choose the design which best compliments your vehicle.


F35 Pro Compatibility and Application

The F35 Pro is intended for installation to smaller vehicles; with a case length of only 183 cm, the F35 Pro is better suited for use on small or medium sized motorhomes, vans and RV’s. Brackets not included. Can be mounted to wall or roof; brackets compatible with roof bars don’t require drilling into the vehicle. Find the perfect set for you, via our website.

Fiamma ask product users to read their manual thoroughly before use, they cannot accept fault for damage by improper installation. For more information on the F35 Pro and installation, please see below.

Fiamma’s Installation Guide for F35 Pro Awning!


Awning Framework

Practical design, manual operation. The roller tube sits at the centre of the canopy and supports the fabric as it’s rolled away, which can be done in both directions. The hollow roller tube provides a supportive edge for the canopy front, with a double guide for accessory installation.

Stored within the roller tube, are the telescopic support legs. Remove from either end, then extend them until a suitable height is achieved. Tension the canopy fabric by extending the telescopic support arms. All components are protected by the anodised aluminium canopy case. 


Product Specifications

The following measurements are given as approximate figures.

  • Awning Type – F35 Pro 180,
  • Case Finish – Titanium,
  • Fabric Colour – Royal Grey,
  • Canopy Case Length – 183 cm,
  • Canopy Fabric Length – 162 cm,
  • Canopy Extension – 180 cm,
  • Shaded Surface Area – 2.9 m²,
  • Weight 8.5 Kg.


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The F35 Pro comes in a few different colour combinations. Fancy something which meets the same criteria, with slightly less colour? The F35 Pro is also available in a 220 size, sporting a Royal Grey canopy and Deep Black canopy case. Interested?

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Customer advice

Please reach out to a professional fitter, prior to your first awning purchase. Products of value or those which require any modification to your vehicle, should be installed by a professional.

An experienced fitter should inspect your vehicle, for verification of sound strength. The wall or roof will be required to support the weight and tension of a canopy, while extended. Hidden damage like rust, may affect the solidity of loadbearing panels.