Fiamma F45s 300 Awning White / Royal Grey

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The F45s 300 is the perfect addition to your LWB camper or motorhome. Fiamma represents the best in technical innovation and brand quality. The easy-to-use awning which joins todays best technologies, service and quality! Perfect for any vehicle from large motorhomes to vans.

The Fiamma brand was established in 1945 and still make their awnings at their manufacturing site in Cardano al Campo, Italy.

There are various adapter brackets to suit different vehicle types. Please select the correct bracket for your vehicle type.


Extruded Aluminium Case:

Very light, extremely strong material that offers fantastic durability without added weight. This awning case is finished in a clean, bright White style. Pleasing to the eye and sits well with modern vehicles.


The canopy material benefits from being UV resistent, waterproof and washable. With a stylish Royal Grey finish - with colourways on both sides of the canopy. Made from PVC and Polyester layers.

Presto Fix

Guaranteeing perfect closure of the lead bar without degradation over time

Dual Security

Indicator for the correct closure of the lead bar

Double Guide

Allows the installation of the two front panels and other accessories (optional extras available to purchase separately).

Reinforced Arms:

These maintain the perfect tension throughout the canopy.

Reinforced Legs:

Telescopic legs allow for height adjustment and equipped with a reinforced joint to maintain durability.

Dual Shock Absorber:

Absorbing shocks in case of heavy stress within the case.

One Way Roll:

Guiding the direction of rolling up throughout the canopy. This reduces wear throughout the canopy as well as having the added benefit of preventing incorrect gathering or pinching of the canopy.

Secure Lock:

Adjusting the height of the lead bar.

Roller Support:

Facilitating the rolling up of the fabric.

Cable Ducts:

The cable ducts on the arms allow the passage of cables for the optional Fiamma LED kits.

Optional Extras:

Many optional extras are available for your Fiamma awning. These include a motor kit to allow for winding of the canopy in and out at the touch of a button, Privacy Room Panels and Blockers, LED kits and much more.

All F45 awnings come with standard installation brackets however, there are vehicle specific brackets available to suit most vehicle types. These typically utilise the fixing points and profiles particular to your vehicle, and subsequently will not require drilling. Select your appropriate bracket separately.

Open and close using winch operation.


Awning length A 308 cm

Canopy length B 292 cm

Extension C 250 cm

Weight 23 kg

Shade Surface 7.3 m²


Extending the canopy

When using the canopy it is recommended that you unwind to approx a metre and then release legs from the top bar to reduce strain - then extend and adjust legs as necessary. Repeat the process in reverse on closing.

Canopy care tips

The fabric in the canopies can be affected in extremes of temperatures. Extended long exposures to extreme heat can result in wrinkles when you close the canopy - this can result in the case failing to close completely. The security winch will ensure that the security of the canopy is not compromised. To rectify this re-open the canopy, leave in the sun and re-close when cooler.

Should it be necessary to close the canopy whilst damp; un-wind the canopy at the soonest opportunity and allow it to dry completely before storing back away. (Extended periods whereby the awning is stored damp can result in damp spots).

Most dirt on the awning will be superficial and can be easily tackled with water and a cloth. Stubborn stains can be removed with the aid of a light detergent.

Do not harsh or abrasive chemicals or high pressure cleaning tools as this can negatively affect the longevity of your canopy surface.

Please note main image does not denote canopy colour - please refer to swatch image for example of Royal Grey canopy