Bosch Ignition Coil 12v VW Beetle 1967 on VW T2 Split 1967 VW T2 Bay 1967-1979

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This best quality Bosch ignition coil for all 12v VW Beetles VW T2 Split and VW T2 Bay is also suitable for earlier vehicles with 12v conversions.

This non-ballasted coil is black (older versions from Bosch were blue) and is not supplied with the fixings, so you’ll need to reuse the connectors from your previous coil.

Make sure you hold onto your original coil - or just the connectors - to ensure you can use this new Bosch ignition coil straight from the box.

Bosch have discontinued their previous generation of blue coils, and now only create and supply these black ignition coils. The Bosch part number for these is now 9224771008, which supersedes the previous part number from Bosch.

This coil is 3.4 Ohms Primary Resistance and 7.4K Ohms Secondary Resistance

Please note: Some VW T2 Splitscreens and Beetles have a 6v electrical system - check before ordering, to ensure you order the correct part for your vehicle.

Bosch is a byword for quality and reliability in the automotive aftermarket. With over 2 million parts a year supplied to garages and workshops throughout the UK, they offer replacement components to ex-works quality level for almost every vehicle type.

Bosch parts offer the same, first class quality as those originally fitted to your vehicle by VW. Wherever possible, we try to offer Bosch replacements.