Piston Ring Set (94mm) VW T2 Bay 2000cc 1976–1979 VW T25 2000cc Aircooled 1900cc Watercooled 1979–1992

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94mm rings, supplied as a complete set to fit the four barrels and pistons.

Piston rings are precision-made components essential to your engine’s efficiency and durability and are subject to extremely hard wear. The rings in the set are ‘tuned’ to work in harmony with each other and the set is tuned to specific engines for optimal efficiency. Correctly specified and installed, they play a vital role in ensuring that your vehicle meets all necessary emission regulations.

Piston ring set (94.0mm). Fits 2000cc T2 Bays from 1976 to 1979, 2000cc T25s with CU, CJ aircooled engines and 1900cc watercooled coded DG, DF, DH, EY, GW or SP engines.