Empi Trigger Shifter VW T2 Split 1959–1967 VW T2 Bay 1967-1979

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Empi Trigger Shifter VW T2 Split 1959–1967 VW T2 Bay 1967-1979

JK Part Number: J12165 OEM Part Number: 00-4449-8


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Move up a gear in the retro style stakes! This distinctive Empi trigger shifter gives a closer and more positive gearchange and has a reverse lock-out to help avoid embarrassing miss-shifts. It fits all manual VW T2 Splits from 1959 to 1967 and VW T2 bays 1967 to 1979.
We recommend that you check the condition of your gear linkage and bushes while fitting this product.

Please note you need to remove your gear shift plate when fitting this stick as it has it built in

Does not fit Brazilian Bay Windows.

EAN / UPC 707924326949
Finance Available on This Product Yes
Width (CM - Packed) 13.0
Height (CM - Packed) 8.0
Depth (CM - Packed) 65.0
Manufacturer Empi
OEM Part Number 0044498
Additional Carriage Charge 0.0
Special Order Lead time 3

Customer Reviews (13)

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  • Awesome! Completely transformed the gearing - stunned at the difference. Will be doing this to my other bus as well.

    Absolutely brilliant - this has totally transformed the gearing - utterly stunned! Will be doing this to my other bus. The downside is that it is a little tight between the handbrake and the gearstick so need to be totally on top of handbrake adjustment. other than that - awesome!

    by Sean on 24/05/2014

  • A much easier drive

    After a lot of embarrassing moments trying find 2nd gear and reverse, I decided to try one of these shifters. I'm so glad I did, I can now drive my camper without dreading the next junction or roundabout! Highly recommended.

    by Nathan on 09/11/2014

  • Better than the original.

    My bus now drives like new, better than the original gear stick and looks great too 10/10

    by andrew on 09/12/2014

  • good but only lasted 2 years

    I bought this 2 years and fitted it. It made the van ALOT easier to drive, far more like a modern vehicle. When I read the reviews I was advised that it'll break after a short while.
    We'll it broke today, a small spring that allows the plate to be lifted via the finger lever on the stock snapped. In turn this has made the gearstick completely inoperable. Luckily I have the old one to use until a new one is bought again
    I've had roughly 2 years out of it before it snapped and have had no real issues in that 2 years. Only other comment is that this won't stop you slipping into reverse insteadoing of 2nd but it certainly helps alot

    by rob on 07/03/2015

  • Shifting Up a Gear

    I was sick if stirring custard. Its now like stirring a cup of coffee.
    We got this after double checking reviews.
    Had a mechanic fit it, he didn't report any particular problems. Fitted to a LHD 1978 T2 single cab.
    The improvement is just a relief. There is no need to plan a half mile before a roundabout or junction for the hunt for 2nd gear.
    It feels solid, reverse is easy to find with the trigger.
    It is tight with the van in 1st and the handbrake on but the improved gear change quality far outweighs this.

    by Annies Truck Shop on 08/08/2015

  • Doesn't work on a 2007 Type 2 Brazilian

    Gave it 5 stars because I have heard such good things about it. Did ask JK before buying but they were non comittal. My vw experts said it couldn't be fitted

    by Rob on 25/02/2016

    JK Response

    Thank you for your review. Iv never personally fitted one of these shifters to a Brazilian T2 but I have seen vans with them in and I can see no reason why this wont fit as the front linkage is the same as the original German Bus my advice is to go for it :-) Thanks JK
  • improving gear selection

    Excellent product. Makes gear shifting positive & accurate. I replaced the Front Shift Rod Bush and Rear Gear Box Coupling at the same time. Simple to replace both these items. Follow fitting instructions for gear stick & finally set using trial & error adjustments.

    by Richard on 28/03/2018

  • A great purchase.

    Been wanting to change the shifter from stock to an upgrade one for 5 years,finally spent a bit of money and bought this empi shifter.
    Took me around 10 mins to fit and oh my word what an amazing difference it has had on the driving ability to my 1967 Splitscreen.
    I love driving it even more now.
    Wish I had done this years ago.
    Superb bit of kit.

    by Basil on 21/04/2018

  • EMPI GEAR SHIFTER for T2 Baywindow

    For the money this should be the best £80 you will spend on your Bay ......if you have a sloppy gear change ! OR if you have difficulties finding or gears ? You should change the gear linkage bushes and the coupler at the same time if you can . x1 of the two rear shuttlecock bush cant be replaced without dropping the gear, but change the rest . The gear changes are now positive and its a 300% improvement of the 45 year old STD shifter. Note you many have to fettle / adjust the position on the slots just like the STD shifter. The EMPI doesnt need the reverse lock out plate but does use a spacer .... two depths supplied.

    by Van man on 12/03/2019

  • Best £80 I have ever spent

    I have this week received delivery of the EMPI GEAR SHIFTER and fitted it myself within 15 minutes following the simple instructions (I know nothing about vehicles by the way). I fitted the gear shifter in the yard of my local garage which has always looked after my vehicles, just in case I needed any help but it was so simple to do and the transformation it made immediately was awesome.Very satisfied and now so much easier to drive. I was very sceptical that it would make so much difference but I am over the moon with the outcome.Thank you, Andy Meakin

    by VERA on 17/04/2019

  • Worth Every Penny

    My T2 bay had one of these fitted when I bought it. Gearshift was very sloppy, but I got used to it. The the rear coupler failed so I fitted a new one. From then on I couldn't get from 3rd to 2nd without a danger of finding reverse. No matter how much I "readjusted" bolting the gearstick in place would solve it. I tried fitting a new front bush (it was needed). This was quick and easy to do do. No better though. So I turned to inspect the Empi mechanism in more depth. It seemed to have some wear of the edge on the collar that has to lift over reverse gate. Not much but... So I decided that I would bite the bullet and try a new shifter. Just Kampers delivered within 36 hours (as per usual great service). Fitted the new shifter in minutes. Absolute joy. All gears absolutely positive. Figure "H" movement no slop. Its a no-brainer at the cost.

    by John on 22/05/2019

  • Transformational!

    I tried this despite reading some of the reviews describing difficulties in fitting.

    For me it was a 10min job to fit to my ‘75 bay and it all worked without any ‘tuning’. The shift is now much shorter and precise with a really improved downshift into second. When in first it does foul the handbrake, but I find if you shift into first before coming to a stop prior to a hill start you can hold on the foot brake and when ready twist the handbrake handle and pull past the gear stick to hold momentarily before setting off - harder to write than to do in practice!

    Really worth the money.

    by Gavin on 27/07/2019

  • Transformed gear selection!

    I spoke to the team at JK. As usual very knowledgeable and great advice. The gearstick in my Brazil split screen had snapped. Previously I could select gears but it was often like stirring soup.
    The EMPI trigger shifter was very simple to fit and now I have simple gear selection making my bus so much better to drive. Great product which I’ll see how it develops and as usual great help from the team at JK

    by Peter on 18/07/2020

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Vehicle Compatability

VW T2 Split Screen

Air-Cooled Petrol (1959 - 1967) :

1200cc, 1500cc


VW T2 Bay Window

Air-Cooled Petrol (1967 - 1979) :

1600cc, 1700cc, 1800cc, 2000cc


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