Pertronix Vacuum Advance Standard Style Distributor (with Ignitor Built In) )

JK Part Number: J19697 OEM Part Number: D186504

Pertronix Vacuum Advance Standard Style Distributor  with Ignitor Built In

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  • Another Pertronix/Just kampers Failure.

    This is the third Pertronix piece of kit I have bought over the last few months that has disappointed. I spent two days trying to get this to work. I was even given the number of the UK Pertonix specialist to help but with no luck. The engine would not fire up, no matter what we did. I have lost all faith with the quality and quality control of Pertronix. Soon as I put my old distributor back on it fired up first time. I returned the item and am still waiting for a refund four weeks later. I can understand one or two issues but not three in a row.

    Review by david on 07/09/2016

    JK Response

    Thank you for your review, As discussed previously your Ignitor was sent back to Pertronix for testing and they can find no fault, there belief is there was / or is a earthing issue on your vehicle. We have sold hundreds of these units and run them on our own vehicles and have never had an issue with these so stand by the product.
    With regards to the refund there was a delay while the parts were tested as we needed to know if there was a problem, as stated no faults were found but as a gesture of good will to your self we refunded your Pay Pal account on the 9th of September. The returned units are now being sold on E Bay as used items.

    Thanks JK
  • good product

    Fitted this to replace the 09 dis I fitted some years ago. Fitting the non-vacuum 09 is a big mistake and I wish it wasn't promoted. Going back to vacuum has got rid of all those hesitations pulling away at low revs and of course the electronics means accurate timing and no points to wear, get dirty, need frequent attention etc.

    Review by T31er on 06/08/2015

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