Just Kampers Motorhome/Camper Fridge with 12v/240 capability

JK Part Number: J19648

Just Kampers Motorhome Camper Fridge with 12v 240 capability

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  • Great product. For it's price

    Would highly recommend worth £250 off any ones money

    Review by Minty on 03/05/2017

  • Good on 240v...not good if no hookup available.

    We had one of these fitted by the guy who converted our van.

    On 240v it works pretty well as a fridge as you can whack the dial up to almost full and the chiller block inside gets icy cold.

    I don't think it has enough insulation to stay cold though and I would definitely NOT recommend it to be used for wild camping. We have tried using it via a leisure battery (connected to a solar panel too) and it really is not up to the task.

    Cheap and cheerful if you are on a site with electric hookup.

    Useless if you want to go off grid.

    We've ended up spending out on a decent coolbox as an alternative for off grid camping.

    Review by Coper on 01/08/2016

  • Great product

    I Purchased this 2 way fridge feb 2014
    Very easy to install & works fantastic
    Make sure you follow the instillation instructions by leaving the correct gaps around the fridge as it does get fairly warm when on.
    I have just returned from the volksworld show which we camped at all weekend, unfortunately I managed to break the 12v plug the weekend before so was relying on the fridge staying cold for a couple of days after being on 240v all night before we went.It worked a treat, cold beer all weekend without 12v working !
    Wouldn't hesitate to recommend, really good value for money.

    Review by Nick cox on 30/03/2014

  • Pretty good overall.

    Read the reviews, so was very worried about it smoking and not working if van isn't on flat ground.
    Unpacked the fridge & noticed bent fins and a scrape marks on the cooling pipework, so obviously it had been dropped prior to packing (packaging was fine).
    I initially powered it up in the garage, waited ages for the clouds of smoke & was quite disappointed when no smoke appeared at all. Fridge worked perfectly.
    Went camping on a site nr Aberystwyth last week... van/awning was on a slight incline, so i thought i'd be surviving on warm beers for the stay.... again fridge worked perfectly. Ice cube making wasn't a problem at all. Very impressed indeed.

    Review by whiskeydog on 27/03/2014

  • Great value and reliable

    As we live and work in Asia for 11 months of the year we need everything in our T2 to work as soon as we hit the ground at Heathrow. Originally intended to get an RM123 but when we wanted one could not get one at the time so bought the JK fridge intending it to be a stop gap

    Have now used it for three summers through France Spain and Portugal with the shortest trip being 4 weeks. Works great on hook up with even at times getting too clad around the cooler part and freezing the neck of a bottle of wine. On 12v keeps the fridge to very near the morning temp all day even in the hottest days after an hour sat in open autoroute car parks

    Ours is always jammed full so we rarely use the tray and just pile stuff in which is the only time we wish for it being a tad bigger. But it does lead to the only irk we have. When loaded full the door can pop open going around corners so we always travel with our dry food basket between the fridge and buddy box as a jam

    Never needed to use gas as we camp only in Europe where every site has hook ups and even when we use aire de service the fridge stays cool enough for milk for a good 24 hours so now have abandoned any thoughts of a RM 123

    Review by Wales in Asia on 23/01/2014

  • Good value and fits in westy cabinet!

    For the price this is a decent fridge that will keep the essentials cold. It needs cranking up to the max setting to be effective and having tested it in the house, our plan is to plug it in about 3 hours before we leave for any camping trips as it is not fast.

    The unit is well made and reasonably well insulated, it only has the cigarette lighter adapter so it will need an additional 240v converters (hence the 4 stars). Importantly the unit fits in the fridge cabinet in our 73 westy which was a major win for us, and the feet have screw holes so I was able to fix in down easily.

    Overall a good unit for the price.

    Review by Simon on 19/01/2014

  • Very poor performance

    I bought a van with this fridge already installed. Have just been away on a weeks holiday with a electric hook up on site. Before we went on holiday I had the fridge connected to the mains for about 5 hours. During the day and whilst travelling the fridge was powered via 12v and at night on site via the mains. I fitted a mains relay so 12v and the mains were never connected at the same time.

    Inside the fridge is a metal rectangular block that is the cooler and this does get cold. On top of this you can place an ice try - however have not tried this but I think it would work.

    The fridge is fitted in a wooden unit with hole cut in the wood to allow the heat to escape (it does get hot).

    So how did the fridge work, well to be honest it did not. The cooler block does get cold and the fridge does get hot at the back BUT it does not function as a fridge. Apart from the area around the metal cooler block the rest of the fridge does not get cold.

    Now it could be because I have a hole to let the heat out but not one to let air in at the bottom. However the block does get cold so I would expect the whole fridge to get cold.

    Keep it level at all times!!!! When we camped the van was on a slight incline, not much but enough that the fridge was on a slight incline from side to side. THe problem was that it just did not work at all. It got hot as normal but the cooler block did not get cold at all. Now I understand now once I realised the issue, but I would expect a fridge designed to go camping in to coupe with this.

    So overall very disappointed with the performance of this unit.

    Review by Poppy the camper van on 25/08/2013

    JK Response

    Hi there,

    Thanks for taking the time to submit this review for the JK Camper fridge, it's always great to get feedback from customers as it's invaluable to during our ongoing process of improving and expanding our range of parts and accessories here at Just Kampers.

    We're really sorry to hear that the fridge that your new camper came with isn't functioning properly.
    Having read through your review it seems like the fridge you've inherited from the previous owner with the bus is faulty, although it's impossible to diagnose the issue without images or getting the unit back here to JK HQ.
    Whilst we'd ordinarily be able to replace or refund a faulty unit like this, we obviously don't have any record of the sale as it was purchased by the previous owner and so won't be able to take any actions without that information. As such, if you could please contact us on sales@justkampers.co.uk and we'll see what we can do for you.

    Best Regards
    The JK Team

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